Боевой Гном в Боях Без Правил

Боевой Гном в Боях Без Правил

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Let’s applaud him! He’s a champion of Moscow fights! Where are you from? I’m from Tashkent Ok,come here! Thanks for comming He’s a boxer. This guys have a difference of 10kg Tell us smth He’s like a silent rock Where is your mouth guard? And what about your gloves and bandage? OK Fred,come here He’s a famous guy. He’s got about a thousand views. Where is your mouth guard? And what about your gloves and bandage? Come to the middle of the ring. Let’s rememer the rules and don’t break them.Respect each other and fight fair and actively There are no judes and time thay’s why you decide who is able to become a winner. Shake hands with each other and proceed to your cornes. Are you ready? And you? Fight Let’s support our guys! More active Let’s support our guys! Stop! Don’t go away Fight Stop Come to the middle of the ring Fight Let’s support our guys! Stop,stop! He’s our winner! Thanks to everyone, thanks to my opponent. I’d llike to continue my training Was it your first MMA fight? He was going to fight in Thailand but his opponent refused Sorry, was it your first MMA fight? Yes,yes I’d like to remind he’s a champion in grappling. Thank you! Tell us smth Good afternoon! This fight was good. Thanks for letting me to take part in these fights I have to train I’ve known my mistakes. It’s OK Are you going to fight with small people? Well done! Congrats! It’s important that you didn’t refuse. So,thanks Come here! To tell the truth I was worried about him Today his first fight was He used to win in grappling and now he’s our winner! Once this guy came to me and I decided give him a chance He’s one of those who achieve their goals Let’s applaud him! Thanks to everyone! Thanks to my opponent and my friends Thank you!

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  1. English, Germany, Poland, Portugal, italiano, France, Spain, Turkish, Arabic, 日本語, 한국어, भारतीय भाषा subtitles included !!

    Организуй первую СТРЕЛКУ в своем городе !!! Узнай о Франшизе чемпионата

  2. Ci sono anche i soldati nani …adesso ?Ah…si vede lontano un miglio che questo incontro è più "fasullo " di una moneta falsa…

  3. Гендельф против Гарика Поттера ….ну что блять за названия ??

  4. Pinche puto el wey de verde parecía que quería que el pinche chaparro le arrimará la pinga bag puras mamadas!!

  5. Vaya!! Aquí en México hay gente que no tiene el síndrome de enanismo y estan de la estatura de este guerrero jajajaja

  6. Dude he was in no danger y stop it he connect with only 1 punch and im sure a midgets dont punch hard lol bad ref

  7. These fights are so well organized. The opponents are so respectful to each other. Kudos to the little guy. He wins my heart.

  8. Моё мнение сука бесит. не пешите комментарии что я не прав!

  9. Это все лажа с базой бокса и с помощью моей программы на силу и выносливость дайте мне бойца моей весовой посмотрим что да как подписывайтесь на мой канал https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxjHT9J2iyyaSnwWbV0RnlA

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