ОРГАНИЗАТОР ТУРНИРА вышел на бой против бойца ММА

ОРГАНИЗАТОР ТУРНИРА вышел на бой против бойца ММА

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he is the main editor, rightly? no but who? one of the founders one of the founders about sport writes about all our subculture applaud I’m glad to see you all I’m glad to greet the fighters, it’s a real holiday for us Moscow is the capital of this kind of sport street fights thanks to the club, which could organize this event I have been watching Strelka for a long time attaboys we are waiting for strong fights I give the word to Taran, veteran of the Strelka he is a mariner, has 5000000 views greet the first fighter in Strelka in 2011, how old were you? 19 he fought for 39 minutes several times hand-running say some words I’m glad that Strelka develops that you can fight without time limitation it’s cool I wish good luck to the fighters show us a nice fight and read the magazine aboy sport, good luck Sergey Chatchinov is in the red corner height 180 cm, weight 80 kilo and his opponent Mikhailov Aleksandr wants to take revenge after losing is Aleksandr ready today? say yes yes to the middle you already know the rules no time I’m a judge, listen to me and fight till the end shake your hands to the corners are you ready? are you ready? are the lookers ready? stop applaud the winner to the middle the winner with suffocating reception some words some words about fighting tentative really thanks to the sponsors for event for ability to fight so we decided to open Strelka in Ryazan but we have some problems thanks to the opponent for fighting it was a nice fighting, congratulations I think everyone saw Strelka with Sanya made a mistake then came and proved us and won applaud you have drawn conclusions of course what do you do now? do sports with pauses let’s applaud it was super fighting we will wait for you next time thanks

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  1. English, Germany, Portugal, italiano, France, Spain, Turkish, Arabic, 日本語, 한국어, भारतीय भाषा subtitles included !!

    Организуй первую СТРЕЛКУ в своем городе !!! Узнай о Франшизе чемпионата

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