【Subtitles】Soccer Zico Soccer

【Subtitles】Soccer Zico Soccer

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Zico strengthened his scrappy team with his professionalism and led it to victory Zico, zico zico…. Ah~ I did it! I did it all on my own! Hey guys, we’re back to another entry in my classic Let’s Play Retro Games series Today we’re playing an SNES game Do any of you recognize who this is? What the hell? Never seen him! Its the lucky bag for me! It’s Brazil’s soccer god Not Pelé, but Zico So So, yeah So, yeah, as some of you may know Zico Soccer was shovelware Shovel, shovel, shovelware Zico Soccer Shovel shovel So, yeah… Shovel Yeah shovel, yeah Shovelware Im coming… My cartloads of dirt-cheap cartridges never stop being reprogrammed into porn games I want to take this brilliant unlicensed game and kick it and let it kick me So please Play it more What the hell Soccer Zico Soccer Let’s insert this cartridge and play it Soccer Zico Soccer It’s for the SNES Soccer Zico Soccer What the hell? What game is this? Soccer Zico Soccer Dude, what the hell Hitomi Fortuneteller Hitomi

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