#14 Alexandra Johannesburg – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

#14 Alexandra Johannesburg – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010

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[heavy beat, techno music, upbeat] Edgar Davids: Today we are at
Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. Announcer: Five a side. Rocky: Five against five. Who scores the first three goals is the winner. Announcer: This is Edgar Davids
and Street Legends from Holland. They are unbeaten. ♪ [rhythmic music] Thapelo Leshabale: I’m part of
the dream team – Alex’s Dream Team. Norman Kekana: We got a good team. We are fast, we are skillful. Edgar Davids: They have assured that today
is going to be our first match of the tour. Thapelo Leshabale: They are good
but we’re going to give them our all. Pinto: We didn’t come here to lose. We came here to win. Norman Kekana: Today the Street Legends
are going to lose. [music begins playing in background] Sibuso Zwane: They have everything to lose. We have nothing to lose
so we are underdogs so you know underdogs can surprise you. ♪ [rhythmic music] Rocky: We really got to step it up. ♪ [rhythmic music] 2, 2; 2, 2. Now the next goal is the winner
so it’s really, really exciting right now.>>Two, two. Let’s go. ♪ [rhythmic music] Vanntje: You see how they’re playing? They play like rough
but we are the team to win.>>Foul. [audience cheering] Rocky: We really got to score
because we got to win. We can’t lose. Norman Kekana: Anyone can lose. Let the football do the talking. Rocky: We are missing a lot
of chances right now. ♪ [music playing] [audience cheering] Whoa. Fair enough.
They just beat us. It’s 3, 2.>>Yes. We beat Street Legends. Thapelo Leshabale: They are good. They gave us a good run, yeah, but lucky for us we wanted
to beat them, eh? The first team to beat them
[laughing] Orry: We lost today. Our first match of the whole tour but then again we’ve played
lots of matches, maybe 60, as much as 70
and we’ve only lost one match.>>These guys are just good. They just played like us
but they’re playing with their head. I’m telling you, I’m impressed, man. Norman Kekana:
I feel awesome. I can feel it. It is great. That’s how I feel like now, I feel awesome. Thapelo Leshabale: We beat the best, right? They beat everyone all over the world, right? We feel like the best now.
[laughs] Norman Kekana: Even if they’re
Mexican or Columbian, we can beat them
[laughs] ♪ [rhythmic music]

100 thoughts on “#14 Alexandra Johannesburg – Edgar Davids Street Soccer Tour 2010”

  1. Да ладно поддались профи любителям)))) Но и любители были красавцы бились до конца…

  2. As terror said, rugby against football. When we play teams like that dream team we just leave the pitch. We don't need any injuries and being kicked and fouled all the time is really annoying. We just take out our little goals and play some real street football instead. Much more fun.

  3. why did they say that teh other team was in terrible shape in the captions but the guy says they are in very good shape? wtf

  4. I think to make excuses for the so called "dream team" is poor…
    They were terrible!!
    They're playing against guys from one of our poorest townships… People that don't have the whole day to tour the world playing soccer… Who are instead doind dead beat jobs to make ends meet… They were physical but not malicious.. African soccer isn't about the dramatic dives and the excuses.. Let the football do the talking!!

  5. @Chriscollateral

    whos making excuses then? not the players themselves. Poor dont mean shit btw. Look at brazil for instance, football legends rise from the slums, poverty is an excellent motivator to become a good player. These guys just played good football and are a team.

  6. man thats sad you cann see that they got no fun at all . Such a fucking way to play football maannnnn 🙁 i miss the days were ronaldihno was the king of football everybody played with fun and every rainy they turned toa football festival like in brazilian but this times are over :S

  7. Truth is, it was rugby against football, but in streetsoccer its rougher than formal football, more is allowed.
    Another truth is that if they faced the best streetsoccer players such as issy hitman edward van gils or nelson de kok, they would get owned. Nonetheless, the idea of the tour is very nice. Respect, peace.

  8. I'am telling you , they forgot some player to take to South Africa for example ,

    1=Soufian Touzani.
    2=Issy hittman
    3= Nourdin boukhari
    4=Edward van gills

  9. The Streetlegens of 2008 was much better than these guys . in 2008 you had :Issy hitman , zaza , vanenburg en a lot of other great streetsoccerplayers

  10. The Street Legends got put in their place today. They were a bit overconfident, this was forseen most definitely. Not to take away from their skill, but still they got manhandled.

  11. The best street country's are DR Congo,Zambia and Cameroon they could beat Brazil any team they should have played my team and street soccer basic com from Africa not Europe those African teams were not the best but we still won oh Africa

  12. lol that Rocky chick has alot of team spirit for barely getting any plaing time throughout that entire tour

  13. wow street legends are great sports. I bet they would win if they werent tired from that 5 wins. All those tricks must get tiring

  14. They obviously don't play the best of the major cities they have gone to. I could find great talent around where i play. I am pretty sure that if the actual good players went, they would have more losses.

  15. So easy for you to say that considering you speak nothing like a Brazilian, but instead the words of a glory hunter. 🙂

  16. South Africa have a hell of a lot of skilled players,im from Brasil and really just have a look at areas like Belhar,Elsies,That shit will scare your eyes out,i cant explain it,almost like a different style and play,unseen.ld like to see Brasilian team face these guys.

  17. joel sambang..you forget something dude…with respect Malaysian footballers sucks..we Malaysian dont know what is respect and I suffered from an ACL injury because of fancy style of play..and now I cant even do the akka no more..FUCK!!

  18. They are street legend, you know STREET legend. They lost the game because the field is to large. Street field have a small length and not so large.

  19. That goalkeeper was useless as fuck. I love playing in small goals in goal… why couldnt edgar davids call me up and let me be goaly, be cool

  20. I think they had to take Edward van Gils and Issy Hitman to the tour. And I think Vaantje is the best skillful player in those. Of course Edgar Davids is awesome too.

  21. hay equipos como este que con garra logran ganar a cualquiera.. espero verlos por aqui en perú y les demostraremos que aquí ta,bien jugamos bien 

  22. als het originele team er stond van Street Legends met Edward van Gils, Issy Hitman enz was dit een andere uitslag geweest

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