95 thoughts on “2 Best Ways to Wrap Your Hands | Boxing Lessons”

  1. I have been wrapping my hands for over 10 years,  This is a compilation of a couple of styles I have seen (western boxing and muay thai).  It looks good.  

  2. I have no hate on you wrap style, it's actually great!. But I can barely see it happen with all the camera angle changes

  3. Wraps aren’t for protecting your knuckles it’s to support the wrist you have the glove to support your knuckles

  4. Great wrap if you're boxing with just wraps on. The whole point of gloves is padding, wraps are mainly for the wrists

  5. Get some 180s, the start by wrapping them around your fingers five times. take that off from your fingers then place on top of your knuckles starting to wrap your knuckles every time you go under the hand open your hand when you go on top of the knuckles close your hand make sure you support the rest good like he had acknowledged. PS after you start getting the pad of your knuckles wrappef make sure you start splitting your fingers individually and then start wrapping again till you make it down to your wrist.

  6. I tried 5 different wrap seen on youtube. This wrap is the only one that prevent pain on my middle knuckle. Best wrap, very simple and confortable. Thanks for the video!

  7. Could you know, just keep one camera angle throughout the video. Every time he speaks you don’t need to zoom out, most of us got ears uno

  8. Here is Part 2. https://youtu.be/OChZgI6NT0o. It should have really been at least added in the description.

  9. The purpose of a wrist wrap is too protect the wrist and joint near there. Not the knuckles, you got a glove for that bud.

  10. You don’t want to right off the bat start wrapping, you want to start the wrapping behind the hand instead of in front.

  11. Why do you want to add padding to the knuckles, the gloves give more than enough protection for that. The most important thing is to protect your wrist.

  12. The video does not show a good view of the hand wrap, it's hard to follow. We don't need a wider view of the boxer and trainer, just keep close up on the wrap.

  13. Not the best method! No reason to go between the fingers. No reason to fold extra wraps back and fourth over the knuckles. If you need more padding because your bag gloves do not have enough get gel knuckle guards they will provide way more protection than a few extra layers of hand wrap material. Don't waste the extra length of your wraps. I like my basic method way better https://youtu.be/-Xl4oZOoDek.

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