2001 Kawasaki 1100 STX D.I. Jet Ski for sale

2001 Kawasaki 1100 STX D.I. Jet Ski for sale

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Hey everybody, this video is a closer look
at my 2001 Kawasaki 1100 STX Direct Injection that I have listed for sale. This jet ski
only has 40 hours and runs absolutely perfect. It spends most of its time sitting under this
cover, which has a convenient opening in case you want to add fuel …without removing
the cover. This cover is less than a year old and has no holes or rips. The overall length is 10 ‘ 3” and it weighs
692 lbs. You can see it has some normal scuffs from
docking and trailering over the years, but it’s on overall good condition with no damage.
The only thing missing are the mirrors – it came without them when I bought it used and
I never found that I need them. The blue paint looks like a midnight blue
here in the shade this morning, but is actually a metallic blue when it’s in the sun. The
seats have never been recovered and have no rips or tears. Let’s open up the front here… there’s
a gas shock to hold the hood up. And inside we have the large storage area … Here is
the oil tank, and below that is the fuel tank. No need to pre-mix… this ski takes regular
87 octane. It has a small glove box, just the right size
for cell phones, cameras, personal items. Around back, pull this lever to release the
rear seat… It has the original tool kit underneath the rear seat.
Then down inside there’s a removable storage bin that has a holster for the fire extinguisher
attached. Here’s another lever that releases the front part of the seat… With the front seat removed, the whole bin
can come out for access into the rear of the ski. That’s where the battery is. This ski
is 100% stock, as it came from the factory. And here we have the 1100 STX DI 2-stroke
engine, with only 40 hours. Clean enough to eat off of. Here’s a
look from the other side… I winterized it in the fall, did all of the scheduled maintenance
earlier this year, and only had it out once so far this season. It’s a great ski…
just doesn’t get used enough. It does have reverse… there is a lockout
trigger/ switch underneath. Everything works as it should. It does have
the factory installed flip down ladder for easy boarding.
The original graphics are in pretty good shape, except for some scratches here and there.
Here’s a closer look at that scuff… you can see it’s on the surface as I drag my
finger nail over it. Probably from docking. You could get these off if they really annoyed
you. Now there is… a small chip in the hull..
over here… And a deep scratch there. And up on top we
have an impact here. Those are by far the worst areas of the ski. The left front grip is coming unglued around
the edge. The main one must have at some point and someone went a little heavy on the contact
cement putting it back on. The rear mats are good… The right two came off in the past
and have been glued back on… just a little wavy. This ski has these storage hooks which are
great for attaching a bungie for a hull hugger or fender when docking. THere’s the rear
hook for a tow or ski rope. All the original stickers are present. These holes are from
where the mirrors were. In the glovebox, there;s a switch for the
key, which will turn on the power. The digital display has an oil gauge and a
gas gauge. You’ll notice the flashing warning light… this is because the sending unit
for the fuel gauge isn’t working and it thinks the gas is empty. If you press the Mode button, it gives you
the real time, the trip time, trip mileage, and the hours, which is only 40. I’m asking $2800 or best offer without a
trailer. Registration is good through March 2019, so it’s ready to ride.

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