2018 Denison Women’s Lacrosse Season Preview


NARRATOR: It has been 1052 days since the Denison Women’s Lacrosse team has lost a conference game and people are starting to take notice. After four straight NCAA Tournament appearances, Denison is nationally ranked to open the season and prime to continue playing deep into the month of May. LEAH ISRAEL: We had awesome success the past four years, we won our conference. Last year, we had three solid seniors, they graduated. We have six this year who are all really strong. We’re just gonna try to build off the success of last year and bring it into this coming year. AMANDA DANIELS: Last year was awesome obviously Going undefeated in the conference for the second year in a row. We also had some really great non-conference wins and I think you know we kind of come in this into this year expecting to go into the NCAA and continue to have that success. LEAH ISRAEL: We’re really excited when we were ranked 24th. We worked really hard last year. Yeah, there’s added pressure I think having that kind of ranking definitely makes teams look at you differently so I think that pressure will only just push us to be better. HALLE WALSH: Definitely want to get into that top 15 top 10 top, the number one spot in the future but we’re gonna keep building on that throughout this season. LEAH ISRAEL: Preseason has been pretty awesome and hard. We have 14 freshmen who all come in really strong but they’ve they’ve been pushing the returners just as much as the returns have been pushing them. It’s been really competitive and all-around really good culture. AMANDA DANIELS: It’s a process for sure to have not only a big freshman class but a bigger roster as a whole so we’re adjusting to that as well as a bunch of new rules that have made the game a lot faster and a lot more exciting and everything and I think it’s been really great. I mean the freshmen have brought in a lot of new talent a lot of new excitement to the program to mix with some awesome returners and it’s you know we’re just excited to get going with the season. HALLE WALSH: Offensively the rules have changed, so it’s a lot more free movement and it’s a faster pace so this year It’s going to be running our plays in motion and advancing into new plays and ideas that we have. AMANDA DANIELS: Continue to kind of build upon what we’ve done in the past which to me is a fully seven person offensive threat that comes out there, and it’s never just a one-person show and everyone’s kind of working for each other on the field. LEAH ISRAEL: Defensively I think we really want to be a lot a lot more aggressive this year go for the risk interceptions. HALLE WALSH: We’re really working on both man and zone plays for defense this year so and we have a lot of returners on both ends. LEAH ISRAEL: We have an all-around expectation to go ahead and win conference because of the last four years. We feel strong this year going into that and just pushing ourselves everyday just trying to stay focused on being the best we can be because we do have so much talent and so much depth. AMANDA DANIELS: You know my goals and expectations I think it’s an expectation for us always to win the NCAC tournament and to obviously advance into the NCAA tournament. I think now having done that four years in a row we need to be aiming higher and you know my goal is to get to the Final Four in Salem, Virginia and see what happens from there.

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