100 thoughts on “24/7 Golovkin/Jacobs – Full Show (HBO Boxing)”

  1. I don't know why everyone is talking about mayweather vs conor, when the best fight in the world is two weeks after that shit.

  2. at the end of the day, ggg and canelo were in the same middleweight division (years ago). canelo had a championship belt in that division and so did ggg. canelo gave up his championship belt and refused to fight ggg. then, canelo goes and fights bums instead? plus, he weighs 15 to 25 lbs more than his opponents on the night of the fight…and won't let anyone weigh him on the day of the fight?

    i will never forget this stuff…all of this was some punk-ass/shady shit. now, years later….after it appears that ggg is getting older, is not as good, or lost a step…., canelo wants to fight ggg? please, that's some sad ass shit. boxing is wack! ggg is the true champ at 160lbs. he has ducked no one….and never fought a middleweight where he did not weigh the proper amount.
    all that i state is facts!

  3. @ 24:12 Danny Jacobs is so gay. He wanted to fuck Chris (evidenced by his facial and bodily gentures while on the couch) but his fat partner ruined his planned male rape attempt. He should just come out like Yusaf Mack.

  4. The way they trained and the footage they showed Jacobs running with the mask and climbing treadmill while just golovkin running in the wild of big bear reminds of rocky 3 😂 ggg trains simple

  5. Algieri is giving him that protein ! 🍌shakes , or is it shake his))))((( 🍌 💨💦😝
    his butt-ler

  6. Attention: ….. for all who understand the ins and outs the good and the tricks played by corner men…….look Jacobs corner every round and the word…. breath…Look at the black glove and long sleeves which hiding WHAT!…..I've saw this with one favorite fighters C.B. in 1950's sucking 02 from under ring with a clear hose in his mouth……watch Jacobs training films before fight he needs 02 since the "Miracle Man" had tough time with cancer……[email protected] if you need help….GGG beat Jacobs who was much taller, 10lbs heavier, longer reach and also beat the Canelo Alverez big time…look at judge Byrd card almost fell over

  7. This is hilarious. It shows the contrast. Jacobs thought of that fight like he has a weakness that he can hit him and do damage to him. But when Gennedy says the story it is he just wanted to give them a show and those hits meant nothing. And he is too humble to lie. Jacobs was in for it from the start.

  8. It's crazy that Golovkin lets himself be hit its only to set up for a punch. He's inspiring a false sense of hope in these fighters that think he's vulnerable

  9. Jacobs is the first one to put on a good fight with Golovkin. Canelo cheated and even so, he ran all night

  10. Jocobs absolutely Won this fight I watch the fight 3times he Won 7 rounds but that 1 point from the knock down made him only Win by 1 point

  11. lol and guess what ggg lost that fight fuck the judges Jacobs made him look human and I even want to fight him now.

  12. Jacob was robbed, he won by a point ahead but because he was knock down which seemed like a push, they gave the win to GGG

  13. Knowing how able sanchez really is in real life (from hearing many stories) he probaly blew golovkin off at first hes that much of an asshole.

  14. That is insane when you think out the few outcomes that can happen. Getting cancerous tumors on your spine and it spreading then dying, or being operated on and having it go wrong and ending up paralyzed. Then you have the less likely outcome of becoming a champion with a successful boxing career and fighting the 2 biggest stars in your weight class.

  15. The truth of the matter is that Golovkin cannot defeat Canelo next time around. He's getting old he is getting slower not effective to the body on the other hand Canelo is stronger younger and combining up to seven punch combinations and vicious blows to the body.

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