3 Tips for Young Soccer Goalkeepers

3 Tips for Young Soccer Goalkeepers

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Hello, this is Stefano from best soccer
tricks dot com. Today, we will be giving you three tips on either beginner or young
goalkeepers. First one being how to cover your angles properly, second one being
how to not hesitate and third one being how to cover a corner properly. Alright
so a lot of goalkeepers like to play in their net. That is not a very efficient
way of saving the ball because that net is a very large net and you are not a
very large person. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to make sure you
cover as much angle as possible. So the more you go out, the more the player will
not see any net. The only thing you got to watch out is the chip shot. So if it
goes over you, you have to be ready to get back in your net very quickly. But
besides that by covering the most angle, you’ll be the most out of your net. So in
this video, you will see for the first trick for young goalkeepers or beginners,
you will see the player shooting from there. So I am covering the left angle by
covering this angle, what I’m looking at pretty much is the big crease. So when
you look at the big crease, you see how far you are. You see the middle line by
the penalty shot. So you know if he’s on your left, you’ve got to be more to the
left of the dot. So by doing this, you will be covering the left side and
you’ll also be covering the right because, since you’re out of the net,
you’ve got to cover all that space and by coming out, you’re going to be
covering more right and not leaving the left side exposed as
well. So by looking at our soccer player right here. So once again, you’re going to have
your goalkeeper stance and as you shoots the ball… [Goalkeeper makes a diving save.] So keeping in mind when you’re saving
the ball, it’s okay if it slips through your hands. Just make sure it doesn’t go
in the net. If it goes in a corner, you still did your job, you saved the ball, you
the first save, that’s all that matters and then the defense can help you out
afterwards. So once again, we’re going to get a couple more shots from our forward. [Soccer player and goalkeeper doing a drill.] So, if you want you can punch that ball too or hit it out. [Soccer player and goalkeeper doing a drill.] Alright, so next is corner kicks. This
one is very important because in a game this is one of the prime opportunities
that the opponent will have on you. So what will happen is, you will have your defender on
the inside post, in case he tries to curve the ball inside the net. And your
job, you want to try and catch the ball and eliminate all threats possible. So
when he crosses it, you’re going to start off in the middle of your small box
pretty much and you want to at least try and get to that ball, unless it is in
between you… If it is in between you and most of the time the dot, you should be
able to get to it. If it’s outside of that region, you want to let your
defenders take care of it and your midfield state care of it. So your job is
to eliminate the threat, by catching the ball when it comes near you. So when the
corner is going to be kicked by your opponent, you will have a large crowd in
your area and your job is to catch the ball. [Goalkeeper and teammate performing a soccer drill.] If you cannot catch the ball you
punch it and make sure it stays out of that crease. [Goalkeeper and teammate performing a soccer drill.] So there you were able to catch it, so you make sure
it’s gets in your arms in front of you. [Soccer players performing an exercise.] Also, when you jump, you want your knee to stay
high, to eliminate the opponents from coming. [Soccer players performing an exercise.] As shown there, your knee stays high
because if you have an opponent coming there, your knee will protect you from
getting hit. So as shown in a previous soccer video, there’s anticipation that way and
there’s anticipation this way. So the way this one works is you have to make sure
you’re always ready in your net for this reason. You want to attack the ball if
you have that chance and you’re 100% sure, you attack it. Because if there’s
going to be a striker coming in on a long ball, given by a midfielder or
whatever, you want to make sure you get to it before your striker and that little
bit of hesitation is going to make the striker score on you. So by waiting
that one second, it’s an extra second they have to run. So you have to decide
your run for the ball or you’re going to stay in wait. Another thing, don’t worry
if the ball goes outside of your crease, kick that ball away, it’s going to at
least eliminate the threat of the striker getting a breakaway on you.
So just a show… What’s going to happen is. Ready! Anticipate! And, clear the ball. Get it out. If you can freeze it, all the better. But,
if you can clear it, it’s just as great. It’s just as efficient. You’re ready! Attack the ball… And clear it. Ready! If you can freeze it, like I said all the
better. [Goalkeeper training with a soccer player.] I hope you enjoyed watching that video
on the three techniques you can use either as a beginner or a young
goalkeeper. Once again, to recap so you want to get out of your net for the
angles, secondly for corner kicks, you want trying to make sure you can get to the
ball, unless it’s after the penalty shot dot. And thirdly, it would be on the long
shots, you want to make sure you get to the ball before the striker. Thank you,
for more information go to best soccer tricks dot com. [BestSoccerTricks.com]

100 thoughts on “3 Tips for Young Soccer Goalkeepers”

  1. Ur angle work needs to be better cover ur 1st post a bit more a real striker putts those away and work on your catch technique and don’t land on your belly

  2. I am a young keeper and from my perspective I just think ur a bit far off ur line I know I'm young but I'm in an academy

  3. I'm a kid keeper that is 10 I saved every shot for 3 games because the kids net is an net for ants

  4. I don't get how big goalkeepers from their hands, they just move their hands 1 cm and then, boom!?, the ball is 1 meter away

  5. Can I just say that ur set position (goalkeeper stance) is wrong. U are bouncing up and down on ur toes whereas u should just be on the balls ur feet. Also u need to tuck ur arms in. With ur arms out it will cause what is called the chicken wing. This is when the player shoots u flap ur arms. This can be a big time thing and this is why u are not catching alot of the shots. Also try and have a bit for flexibility in ur legs… this also makes diving alot more easier and then u can get more distance or hight if u are completing a high diving save. Just a few tips mate

  6. Worst tips people give you :
    Never give up
    Believe in yourself
    Keep going
    It's really good advice but doesn't directly tell you how to literally improve

  7. I am a keeper and personally I don’t think this video is very accurate to in game situations. Like coming out when a player is at you’re goalline you go to him and close him down. Keep up the work

  8. A problem I have all the time when I’m 1v1 with a forward is when I go out and run to the forward they just dribble past me

  9. Does anyone else think and know that this guy isn’t a goalkeeper like yea he likes it and he tries but he has no technique look at the way he dives and catches like cmon lad

  10. My Personal Tip
    If there are two players charging towards you and one has a ball and he will pass it to the other player who will then shoot towards the area of the the right post of the goals e.g

    Ball will go towards player two who will then have a shot at goals (will most likely score unless sh*t accuracy)

    Player One —>?‍♂️ ⚽ – – – – – – – – – -> ?‍♂️<—- Player two

    b ?You?
    Left Post ——>[ Goals ] <—– Right Post
    My tip for this situation is TO NOT GET DRAWN to the person who is passing it to the other player (in this case do not get drawn to player two). Stay close to the closest post of the goals where the player who will pass is (in this case the passing player is Player One, so the closest post is the left post). If he passes it, act quick and just run at him, don't dive or do anything, just stay low and force him to hesitate the shot or not. Search up some reflex drills, one of my favourite is to get a friend to footy kick it at you from a close distance

  11. im a goalkeeper for a team and on the 26 of june we will have a pre-tournament against 3 teams in one day in aluksne latvia cuz were a latvian team but these tips really are helping me in the net and my coach is noticing

  12. Another tip for goal keepers (every goalie probably already knows this) but keep your eyes on the ball after I started focusing on the ball I blocked 75 percent of my shots.

  13. I like playing keeper because I like the satisfaction of gettin a great save and/or a dive. Occasionally, the ball goes in and a just stop wanting to play, but this video has helped.

  14. With the corners your doing it wrong, when you come out work on catching it, when you come out for the corner you need to jump and catch the ball in the air but make sure your hand are above your head because when you catch it into your stomach it’s more of a change on them trying to kick it when you catch it with your hands above your head they won’t be able to get to it, but keep up the hard work bro, I’m only giving you this tip because I’m a academy player for my city in the uk and it’s hard to get in, keep the hard work up

  15. I have a football match coming up . . .
    And I'm sure that this video is DEFINITELY gonna work for me . . .

    Nice tutorial btw! Thank you so much! ?♥️

  16. Today I was playing football on the first match the goal keeper lost then I was goal keeper for next to rounds and we won then the last round at school the ball was kicked rlly high and I’m short so I couldn’t save it and in my team was a boy who loves foot ball and is good at it but he’s rlly salty and started shouting at me ugh but I shouted back lol

  17. Thx so match for this my team had a finals Tournament and I was keeper and even though we lost both our games I still got 2 man of the matches and man of the tournament

  18. I’m a young goalkeeper and I just made my first travel team for soccer and it’s really hard

  19. So some goalkeppers like playing in their posts
    So the post is big and your not so big
    the fbi kills me

  20. Jeez dude this video is seriously poor and showcases bad habits/technique more than giving tips. The general outlines of the tips you're giving are somewhat ok, but for every ok tip there's misinformation. Some of them are ridiculous and irrelevant (looking at the anticipation section specifically), but your examples are a good guideline of how not to play keeper. Diving and landing on your chest, standing facing the ball on corners (your back should be to goal dude…. if the ball goes over/behind you you're gonna trip or run into someone + be slower getting there because you're backpedaling), bringing the wrong knee up for high balls (which means you're turning your body away from the ball you're going for, should be obvious why that's bad), constant movement during set position, hand positioning on set position, not keeping your arms firmly in front of you on diving saves and they're even in negative positions in some instances "It's ok if it slips through your hands, just make sure it doesn't go in the net" ????????? No it's really not, ideally the ball SHOULD NOT go through your hands but deflect or slide off to wide areas. Does it happen? Yes, but it's a massive error when it does and something beginners should work hard to avoid.

    I understand this video is for beginners, but reaffirming bad habits is awful, and tens of thousands of people have seen this and probably taken some of it to heart.

  21. I’m a really good midfielder, i played academy football for al ahli here in qatar, but I injured my knee back in 11th grade and I haven’t been the same. Now I wanna get back to playing and I figured why not try goalkeeping. I have a shot at playing college football so I’m doing everything to learn this new position. Wish me luck guys!

  22. First of all goalkeepers are supposed to be tall right but I'm almost the shortest in my section. Somehow I became the best goalie in grade 7 and now going to play a tournament

  23. When i play in goal in school I apparently “suck” but thanks to this video, I’m saving everything! The bullies are confused!

  24. Anyone new to goalkeeping do not listen to a word this guy says thi si s probably one of the worst tips ive ever seen none of the things u were doin were right for example u said u should close the angle which is fine but 2-3 feet of ur line not 6-7 u will easily be acored on also u need to attack corners not let the ball just sail into ur stomach u wont get to it befor the attacker

  25. In my school im always chose to be the goalkeeper even if I'm the captain cus I'm tall, I tried these techniques and now people call me "The best goalkeeper in the world" thx man this helped a lot

  26. my first soccer practice for playing goalie is on monday and my first game is on the same thursday. Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I have an interzone football match coming up and I am the goalie but the ground isn't grass its mud and I HV been do goal keeping since 2 months pls pray for me ?????

  28. I wish you would have taken a moment to show a view from the shooter and how the difference in playing in the net vs how much bigger you look playing out towards the shooter

  29. thank you for tips your tips are awesom yesterday i have match and i save many balls yesterday because of you so thank you for this tips please subcribe this man

  30. hope ur still here:) i just started as a keeper and dindn´t really know where to stand or where to go. but this video helped me alot

  31. I'm a 12 year old goalkeeper and I'm on my schools soccer team. The school just made the team so I don't know everyone that well… We haven't had any training yet, and we're already going to play agianst 3 different schools. This video helped me on how to protect the big net, since it's very hard for me since I'm so small. So thank you very much for making this video ?

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