9-Year-Old Twins Are Boxing Champions | KICK-ASS KIDS

9-Year-Old Twins Are Boxing Champions | KICK-ASS KIDS

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STEVEN: When we are winning our belts, it
feels like it’s great. DANIEL: We win our belt it feels like good. DANIEL: This is my belt and this is my belt.
STEVEN: And this is mine. DANIEL: And this is both of us. COMM: 9-year-old twins Steven and Daniel first
stepped into the boxing ring aged just two years old. It’s not surprising that they’ve
since been creating quite the stir in the boxing world. DANIEL GRANDY: Now we have been training since
they could walk. I spend all my free time in the gym with my children. DANIEL: My favourite thing to do is boxing.
STEVEN: My favourite thing to do is the pull-up bar. DANIEL GRANDY: I can honestly say I never
put gloves on them. They took to it. I hand them some gloves and you know they put them
on. They jumping around and they start shadow boxing and from that point on, they just been
growing non-stop, non-stop. DANIEL: Training is fun, great and it helps
you get better. STEVEN: Training is hard work. If you don’t
get the hard work right, you won’t be good. DANIEL GRANDY:  They are the hardest working
kids in the gym. They are first to get there – the last to leave. DANIEL: I think boxing is great because it
helps us get better. STEVEN: I think boxing is great because if
you get in the ring you feel like nothing’s gonna happen. But after something happen you
gotta train harder so you can spar. DANIEL GRANDY: Steven fought three weekends
in a row. I am sitting in front of one, two, three prizes that he won first place three
weekends in a row. STEVEN: We got 13 belts…
DANIEL: Yeah, 13 belts and I forget how many medals. DANIEL GRANDY: When I am at work, I pretty
much tell my co-workers everyday that when I clock out it’s time to go to my real job
and we have like a little programme called ‘Guns down, Gloves up’, pretty much taking
the inner-city kids and giving them something positive to look forward to and try to keep
them away from the streets. We live in a world where it’s brutal. Boxing for if anything
teaches self-defence and discipline – which these kids need. I have never yet met a fighter
that runs around starting trouble. It’s so cowardly to pick up a gun. Anybody can
pick up a gun. Anybody can shoot from across street and hit a bunch of people who have
nothing to do with it. But when you get in that square circle and put the gloves on,
ain’t nobody to save you. DAWUD BEY AL-RASUL: The Guns down, Gloves
up movement, is a movement that I think is very important in our community. We have a
lot of young men that are doing time. We have a lot of young man who had lost their lives
due to gun violence. Especially when you have a son. The age of my son, he is ten. He has
to have his grades right in order for me to allow him to box. I think it shaped him up
and it gives them a sense of responsibility. SALIM ELLIS-BEY: I think boxing is helping
me stay off the street and encouraging me. I tell children of my age to get off the
streets. Do a sport, like do something in your life except for being on a street. DANIEL: I think if we had to pick who is better
out of us two, it would be both of us. ADAM SCHERZER: For now we are just enjoying
it; having fun and winning. We just want a world tournament. Like, I am getting ready
for the national tournament. I have been the business manager for the twins for about a
year and a half now. I think they both have a mean streak in them and I think that kind
of gives them separation from other kids you know, they are both little pit bulls. They
both have that fire in their belly. DANIEL GRANDY: I mean I am going to support
the twins in anything they do, no matter what it is. I mean, if it’s boxing, if it’s throwing cans down the street, I am going to support them. ADAM SCHERZER: I think the future is bright for the Grandy twins. DANIEL: In the future I would like to succeed. STEVEN: In the future I would like to have
lots of money. DANIEL: I want to be the greatest fighter ever. DANIEL GRANDY: I want to do what’s right
by these children. I feel like it is my job. This is what keeps me motivated to get up
and go everyday because it needs to be done. We all can sit back and talk about the problem
of this generation and how they act, but you gotta ask yourself – what are you doing to help?

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  1. Seeing these two training hard when they boxing encourages me to train harder whenever I box. They gonna go somewhere with that. I wanna push myself to the limit so that I can be where they are

  2. The dad is clearly using his kids as a lottery ticket and free dinner. They will take all the punches in the face while he’s counting the money in the backroom. I would of thought of him being more sincere if they weren’t taking part in competitions where they’re being punched in an undeveloped brain at the age of 9. I take my nephew boxing training every week and he’s 12 years old and I still have reservations for him competing at that age.

  3. shouts out to the mom whom got out of the way and allow the brotha to enjoy and raise his wonderful sons

  4. Lol one twin said I will like to succeed in the future and the other twin said I would like to have allot of money lol ????

  5. Omg they’re so cute!!! I love to have them as little bros! I hope they don’t fight over each other over a trophy ? when they get older! Lol!

  6. That littler kid talks so cute! I hope he doesn’t lose that! I didn’t think they looked like twins b/c there’s a huge difference. He was so adorable on camera during interview. & both brave & not shy

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