A Coach Changing Lives Through Lacrosse

A Coach Changing Lives Through Lacrosse

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– The future can be pretty
bleak sometimes for kids growing up in poverty, but
my next guest is making a significant impact
on the lives of at risk African American boys in
Charlotte, North Carolina. Please welcome Coach Bobby Selkin. (audience applause) Why did you create a lacrosse team for underprivileged African American boys? – The thing at Charlotte
Secondary School we noticed, is that a lot of the kids are at poverty. And I got to know some of
them and I wanted to help them out, and they were great kids. So the athletic director and
I started a lacrosse program, and it was a free lacrosse
program, so we could introduce something new to the kids. And, I really wanted to
help the kids get to college through the sport of
lacrosse, and I felt that if I could teach kids the
work ethic that it takes to succeed in sports, that
they could use that to succeed in life, and that
was really my mission. (audience applause) So we started out as the
worst team in North Carolina, and this May we won
the State Championship. (audience applause) – How did your lives
change playing lacrosse and having this guy here,
Bobby, as your coach? – He opened me up to so
many different experiences. When we used to do SAT
prep back at the school, we had a club and he was the head of it. He saw my potential, my
work ethic, and he didn’t want me to sell myself
short, and so we were going over a list of
occupations that I would have never considered and
stumbled upon the medical field, and I knew that was
something I wanted to do. Now I’m a Biology major
on a Pre-Med track. (audience applause) I’m a starter on my
collegiate lacrosse team at Catawba College and
it’s all thanks to him. – Kevin what about you? – Before I met Coach Bobby,
before I started playing lacrosse, I was just
kind of doing things that shouldn’t have really been doing. You know selling myself
short and when Coach walked into my life, he opened
my life up to what life has to offer further than
what I was looking at. And coming where I’m
coming from, being born addicted to crack, there’s
not a lot out there, so when he opened my eyes to see that there’s so much more that I can do Now I’m on track to be a lawyer,
I take my LSAT next year. (audience applause) So, he just kind of gave me
inspiration to throw myself out there and see if I can do as much as I can do with my time, so yeah. – Wow. So gentlemen, is there something that you’d like to say to Bobby? – Coach you’ve helped me out
so much on and off the field. You put in a lot of time
with me even when I was very hard headed, and I
just want to thank you for your patience and
being a father figure to me and giving me something to look forward to and someone to model my life after. (audience applause) – For the most part, I would
like to say I thank you for everything, for teaching
me how to grow up and be a man because I grew
up without a father so you were like that father figure to me. Now I’m in college, I’m on
a college lacrosse team, I’m going to college
to be a marketing major so now I’m fitting to be
successful all because of you. (audience applause) – Thanks Bobby, you’ve
done so much for me. You put countless
experiences in front of me. You made sure that I’m
on track to be the most successful that I could ever imagine. You treated me as family, you brought me along on your trips to Europe. My first time out of the US was with you. You helped pay for my college
tuition freshman year. So like all my success is
definitely contributed to you. Without you I don’t know
where I’d be right now. – Well you guys know, I love you all. – We love you too, boss. (audience applause) We love you too. – See, you don’t, what
people don’t understand, this comes from one guy taking
the time to offer some love, show them some direction,
and give them some exposure. (audience applause) You can take a kid from the
bottom, straight out the dirt, and show him what he
could be, the potential. See we get swallowed up by environment. You take an oak tree seed and
you put it in a flower pot, that seed will never be the
oak tree that it can be. If you take that seed
out of that flower pot and put it where it could, where it can flourish, you will be stunned. These guys are flourishing
because of an act of one man. (audience applause) He just showed them something else. You just gotta show a kid some potential. People like you matter so much, man. – Thank you. – We think that what
you’re doing for these kids is absolutely incredible,
man, and our friends over at Dick’s Sporting Goods agree that sports bring people together. That’s why Dick’s Sporting Good Foundation and its Sports Matter Program
are donating 5,000 dollars to you and your lacrosse team
at Charlotte Secondary School. (audience applause) I think that’s hot man, I
think that’s what it’s about. That’s really what it’s about. Thank you all for sharing
your inspirational story, and good luck to all of you. For more information on
how you can donate to help Coach Selkin’s lacrosse
program at Charlotte Secondary, go to our website at stevetv.com. Folks, Crossroads, the
film featuring Coach Bobby and the Charlotte Secondary lacrosse team is available to watch on ESPN Plus. We’ll be right back.

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  1. If we all live this way,why should there be war ??? But the stupid government says prison is the best place for people who has lost hope…..but I believe TIME has a lot to offer on the field of transformation…

  2. One thing I don't like about this video is the gentlemen wasn't looking up and having good posture while talking. Men hold your heads up while talking. My grandmother always told me look at person in their eyes make eye contact and don't bat your eyes. However, I praise the love the coach has for these kids in his own community.

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