Adapted Skis for Wheelchairs and Strollers!

Adapted Skis for Wheelchairs and Strollers!

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What’s going on all access lifers, and welcome to another product review. Today Brad and I are going to be reviewing Wheel Blades. And also, make sure you guys stay to the end of this video cause we got something pretty special lined up for you. These skis are life changing if you live in a cold environment and holds you back when it comes to navigating a wheelchair or even a stroller on the icy and snowy terrain. The wheel blades have allowed me to go outside and not be cooped up indoors while everyone else is enjoying the snowy weather. The great thing about these wheel blades is they’re super adjustable and they fit pretty much any sized wheel. All you need with you is a handy little screwdriver, and you’re good to go. Once you get your desired size just slide the wheel blade under the wheel Lock it into place, and then you’re ready to go outdoors. We recommend that you bring a waterproof reusable bag with you to put the wheel blades in if you need to take them off to go inside somewhere because they get pretty messy with all the snow that they collect. Wheel blades come in two different sizes, small and XL. I’ll take them out of the box here so you can see a side-by-side comparison of each. As you can see, Wheel Blades XL are much larger. If you have a wheelchair with big enough castors and enough space between the front and main wheels We’re always going to suggest you go with Wheel Blades XL. However, if you have an active wheelchair with smaller front castors we’re going to suggest you go with Wheel Blades S We’ll put a link below so you can see the sizing for each. In Brads case his wheelchair has enough space between the front castors this is why we go with the Wheelblades XL for him. Here’s a comparison of what it’s like to have Wheel Blades on the front wheels, versus not having them. As you can see, without the Wheel Blades it’s a very bumpy ride for Brad. It’s also very challenging for me as well since I have to push extra hard to avoid getting stuck. With the Wheel Blades the chair just glides smoothly across the snow making the ride a lot more enjoyable for Brad and a lot easier for me to push. The amazing thing about these Wheel Blades is they actually work on strollers as well. I’m sure many of you are well aware of the struggle of trying to push a stroller on the sidewalks during the winter time. Just clip on your wheel blades and you’ll be pushing through the snow with ease. These skis are so efficient dealing with ice and snow that they’ll even work on a skating rink. Alright guys, that you very much for watching today’s video, I hope you guys enjoyed and we hope we were able to educate you on yet another life-changing piece of assistive technology. We’re going to be doing many more product reviews just like this and keeping you guys in the loop on all the new resources heading to market. So make sure you hit that Subscribe button, and join the All Access Life community today. We’ll be putting links in the description below if you’d like to purchase you’re very own Wheel Blades. or if you’d like some more info. Alright guys as promised, we’ve got 4 wheel blades here We’ve got 2 on the back tires, and 2 on the front and we’re going to go down this little bunnny hill. Alright bud, you ready? Get set, alright, here we go! All Access Life, out!

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  1. I love this channel and the overall positive vibes I always get when watching 🙂 the way Brad is always included in the content makes my heart warm so much. Keep up the absolutely amazing work, let's make the world more accessible ?

  2. I just watched one episode and I looked at the dislike and you people need to stop he is doing things that are fun and make me cry everyone that disliked go and do something better then disliking a video that helps people like this plzz go get hit buy a bus people

  3. I recently went ice skating in mt wheelchair at an ice rink in melbourne (australia) it was brilliant i was able to just drive onto the ice and go

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