adidas Originals | HUMAN RACE x HUMAN MADE

adidas Originals | HUMAN RACE x HUMAN MADE

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We first met in Japan and then Pharrell invited
me to his house and showed me his closet. Surprisingly enough
we both owned a lot of things in common. The work that we do is a derivative of our
friendship and our mutual admiration. He’s this incredible librarian of great taste. Pharrell always comes up with exciting ideas so I make the ideas reality. I feel like when we work
together, it’s a spectacle of unbridled, super vivid
instincts. Love is a universal language. In Japanese, “heart” is called
“kokoro”, which is something that every single person has, and nobody can live without. Love is the same word as the
universe. It’s all movement. When two hearts are connected on a deep level, you can collaborate and make anything together. I think having heart
is a necessary component to who you are as a person and
therefore any and everything that you do. It’s kind of like… a symbol for what I do. It’s my way to showcase my creation with confidence to the world. If there’s a moment
when your work or something that you’re doing
lacks heart, it will not have the true
character of your intentions.

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  1. Aspiring Artist with acapella vocals, stems, verses & / or hooks hit me up. Looking for new artists to produce, create with #NAMGUNGSSI

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