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Advanced Backhand Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Today
we are going to look at the advanced backhand topspin. When we’re looking to advance our backhand
topspin we need to start with the legs. So making sure we are in a good low balanced
leg position to start to utilise the muscles in our legs to generate more speed. When you are close to the table you haven’t
got time to turn your feet so we want to keep our feet nice and square to the table and
again down in that nice low leg position. If you are further away from the table then
you might have a little bit more time to turn your feet slightly but make sure that when
you’re close to the table you stay really square on to the table with your backhand. Most of our power from the backhand comes
from our wrist and forearm. It isn’t really a big body stroke where you’re turning your
body too much. A lot of it is coming just from here. So when we’re doing this advanced
stroke we need to think about relaxing this wrist so that it can come through smoothly
and fast. Let’s look at the start and finish positions
here with our bat. We need to start with our bat further back allowing the wrist to come
back at the start. Our finish position then is right through and this time allowing your
wrist to go all the way through. As a good guide think about your bat handle pointing
to the side wall at the finish of your backhand advanced stroke. The next thing is to think about your hip
rotation. You haven’t got much time to rotate your hips backwards and forwards, you can
use them a little. So just turning slightly and turning them forward. It isn’t much more
than that when you’re close to the table, you’re going to just throw your timing out
and make it harder for yourself. So think about small rotations of the hip but mainly
utilising your wrist backwards and forwards to generate the speed. The further away from the table you get the
more time you’ve got. So your stroke now can become a little bit bigger. You can extend
your starting position back further, so to next to your hip and follow through further
as well. Still utilising that wrist effectively from back to forward. Remember that’s still
where you are going to get most of your power from. But from back from the table your swing
can get bigger, your hip rotation can get a little bit bigger as well so your stroke
can become more from here all the way through. But remember the most important thing is make
sure your wrist is going back and forward through the stroke. The principles of the advanced backhand topspin
are similar against the backspin and the topspin ball. The difference is that off the backspin
ball you do need to start lower and finish higher so the stroke becomes slightly more
vertical. Against the topspin stroke you can come through almost horizontally because you
don’t need to lift the ball at all. The principles are the same though, making sure you’re using
your wrist, using a little bit of hip rotation, and really whipping that wrist and forearm
through off the backspin ball, or off the topspin ball.

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  1. great tutorial mr, now I am learning about this technique, for making simple of my movement actually, I like forehand very much(I often use forehand for every boll) but to day because of my physic no  good any more, I try to take left boll with this stroke. thank's again

  2. Alois and Jeff, you guys have improved my game exponentially better in the last few days. And I was already considered one of the best players (but far from the best) at Hacker Dojo in Silicon Valley. I'm loving playing with the correct technique and this has dramatically improved my consistency – I used to be known for making a lot of unforced errors and my inability to return a ball 3 times in a row, but now I can match most people in forehand, backhand, chops without making unforced errors.

    And my defensive game is getting better each day (it didn't even exist about a week ago)! Thank you, PingSkills!

  3. I make mistake sometimes and then ball fly over the table, can u please answer me if you are able where i make mistake.
    Btw your videos are great i learnt a lot by watching them.

  4. Very good tutorial! It's amazing how fast Jeff can hit those backspin balls! If I try that the balls all fly in the net, so I have to make a long and slow hit to get the balls on the table

  5. Thanks Cody van Beek. For some reason I can't reply directly to your comment. If the balls are going into the net, try and get some more topspin on the ball as this makes it dip onto the table letting you hit the ball faster.

  6. very good explanations.  especially the bit about how much hip rotation is needed, and how important it is to never forget cocking back the wrist before the stroke.  

  7. Great video I learned a lot ive been trying to work on my spin for some time now and I think ive got it now. What is the song in the video?

  8. Awesome! Good job guys and i've learned a lot from both of you, thanks Alois and Jeff 😉 Keep up the good work 👍👍

  9. Ping Skills is my favourite learning site ! Thanks for all your videos. Keep posting ! We love to hear from you.

  10. What's special about the topspin in general what does it add to the hit it spins it in what way that affects the opponents game

  11. Thank you very much for this video. I've been trying to get the hang of the shot for a while but today I finally felt like I had the technique right!

  12. Good videos, coaching tips are very good. Having said this the demonstrations you show of hitting backhands displays poor technique! Finishes too far out too the side meaning you'd struggle to get back for the next shot particularly if it was played to the forehand as you wouldn't have time for the forehand preparations. As well as this, and perhaps causing this, is the fact that too much arm is used in the stroke and not enough wrist. Against the backspin ball, you don't brush the ball as much as you should meaning you get perform a rather flat backhand loop, as you're going through the ball too much. I would suggest that the tips are good, but I wouldn't advise people to copy these demonstrations!

  13. I love a fast game, but dam the chops/spins make it hell for me, I'm great with a straight game but chops make me uncomfortable since i don't have much control over them, hoping this will help me!

  14. i have a really good backhand topspin but i have problems agains deep backspin ball ….can you help me, also i want to know some exercises for improve the footwork… thank u so much… love your videos

  15. +PingSkills I dont know why do we have to relax our wrist because if i would relax my wris then i lose my grip . How prevent it . And , I'm sorry for my bad english .

  16. Not sure if youre gonna see this but, im not sure if im doing the stroke wrong, i just tried it today. I can make the ball go in, but its really stressful on my Shoulder. Is there anyway to correct this or at least lessen the stress

  17. hey coach the backhand topspin is okey we saw the video and practiced then its okey but the problem is how to send a backhand topspin from on the table as these famous players doing it like ma long jhang jike and othets

  18. Hi, my movement ends towards the table, and not sideways, also not that high. Is it a problem? i have mastered it this way pretty good.

  19. Backhand topspin should give more effect, this is similar a backhand smash its necessary more effect and less power. What do you think?

  20. hi, i have a question that hopefully you don't think i'm too dumb b/c i'm pretty new to TT (super new to the principles other than physics class). i don't really see any sort of information of what spot on the racket face creates the most top spin so i'm assuming you'd suggest the sweet spot, correct?

    i know it sounds dumb but i started playing a few months ago and since then have played for about 2-3 months before ever watching videos for TT. so i know it's unorthodox, but i FEEL that sometimes using the dead spots of the paddle for certain spin types helps the ball to spin more (maybe due to leverage? idk; that's why i'm asking haha).

    like say you're doing the backhand topspin. would hitting the ball w/ the lower third of the racket face possibly cause more rotation on the ball since you could potentially hit it faster without having so much speed on the ball causing it to land off the back of the table?


  21. Hello
    When I train with my robot there is no problem I can reproduce the perfect gesture but, when I get to the table with an opponent I can't play I more the gesture it is 4 years I try watching videos and always 500 pts only given when did put the ball on my backhand, it's almost dead or when I get to put it it is up so suddenly I'm someone dead can he help me thanks

  22. Me watching this : Hmm doesn't seem difficult with those step by step instructions.
    Me trying this out : Screw it I give up

  23. He said, when your close to the table, you haven't got time to turn your feet????????
    Well that's odd, because whenever I watch players play a game, they're constantly turning their feet, whether their close or far from the table.

  24. hello…i still could not get the backspin, topspin serve and backspin, topspin ball. Both seems same can you please explain me

  25. This is awesome. You don't have to fully rotate your hips to generate power. Look how hard Jeff is hitting the ball, just using technique. I will definitely try to work on this. I am mainly a forehand player and have a weak backhand.

  26. Thanks for these excellent videos , I try and take away the lesson to the the table , easier said than done sometimes 🙂 , I'm unclear where the topspin delivery is coming from at 4:15 , it looks like the ball being delivered is being pushed under the ball hence it's a mild backspin , am I seeing this wrong , confused but ambitious pomme !

  27. Thanks for traduce to spanish, is better understand the topics/Gracias por traducirlo al español, es mejor para entendelo

  28. There are variations of backhand technique. As far as i can tell, this shot can be played easily if ball comes to u slowly as if you are simply wating for the ball to come and just rip it off with this whip kind of stroke similar to backhand smash where you get enough time. Now when in topspin rally there seems to be a variation of it, which is like an extention of backhand block, quick wrist movement and adding more spin or hitting it through the ball and this action is small and quick and obviously not as strong as the one shown in video.
    Watched Ma Long playing backhand its different to what shown in video.
    Please enlighten me 🙂

  29. which racket should I buy
    1.donic coppa gold
    2.yasaka antipower
    3.dhs hurricane 3 neo
    4.any other racket under rupees 2500 if I am an aggressive player

  30. They should have made another video on backhand topspin against backspin. The only reason why he managed to get that across was because the backspin is weak. Heavy backspin requires much more strength then that. Also, they also don't teach the more useable version of backhand techniques. Most of the times it is better for you to use your forehand for power attacks so such a big move is unlikely to be used, unless the opponent is giving is a particularly easy ball to receive.

  31. When i see you , i wish i am @ the ttclub , practicing again and again till Success ! Backhand Topspin is such a powerfull / inattendu rushing ball for the opponent . Thanks for sharing.

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