Advanced Trick Water Skiing : Advanced Trick Water Skiing: Back Flip in Reverse


In this clip we’re going to start with the
basics, we’re going to do back flip and reverse. This is the two flips you want to learn first,
they’re the easiest flips. First we’re going to talk to you about toe side back flip. I’m
right foot forward so I’m going to start on the driver’s side and work over to the passenger
side. The first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to cut out,
be about two or three feet outside the spray, give yourself some room. I’m a little narrower
because I’m a little more advanced but when you start you want to be a little wider so
you’re two or three feet outside the spray and you want to bend your knees. Make sure
your knees are bent right in here, both those knees out, just like that and get on your
front foot, on the glide, you really want to get on your front foot. It’s like ninety-nine
percent on your front foot, one percent on the back foot with flips because if you don’t
you’re going to slide out on the landing. Knees bent, two or three feet outside the
spray, front foot, you’re going to come in like this, you’re going to edge progressively,
start slow, build up higher. You don’t want to start too hard and you don’t want to finish
too slow. You’re going to start slow, build up to a hard cut, you’re going to go hard,
and when you’re cutting, you’re going to start forward going the same way the boat is and
you want to make that ski go all the way backward, it’s like a tug-a-war of the boat. The boat’s
going that way, my ski’s going that way, who’s going to win? The boat is and what do you
do? You do a flip, just like that, that’s all you’ve got to think about right there.
When you get the ski backwards like that, all you’re going to do is you’re going to
take your hip, you’re going to put it right up here, right into the handle, and then you
just enjoy the ride, absorb the landing, watch to see if any hot girls are watching. Then
the reverse is kind of the same thing except it’s a little more floaty. Same thing, start
on bent knees, two or three feet outside the wick, and you’re going to be on your front
foot. This one really is more front foot, this one’s one hundred percent front foot
not ninety-nine percent, not too much of a difference. You’re going to come in like this
and this one what I want you to do is I want you to throw your head towards the boat because
it’s really easy to fall away from the boat, on this one, because it’s a different landing.
You’re coming out like that but when you make that ski ski away, just like that two side
one, but I want you to throw your head to the boat, keep your hips up here, throw your
head to the boat when you take off, land, absorb, look for the hot girls. You’ve got

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