Aikido Master vs Big MMA Fighter !!!!

Aikido Master vs Big MMA Fighter !!!!

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next pair Ribalko Sergey, nickname Ribalko General came from Krasnoyarsk region, Zelenogorsk city interests in fishing and touring greet the heavy and his opponent Kabanov Igor nickname Valenok from Kolpino works as a joiner and as a dog learning instructor greet him serious heavy guys will be in the ring kabanov Igor against you help him to put on the gloves it’s his first time here Ribalka General is in the right corner he was going to go fishing, but I rang him up and offered to fight it’s true. he answered : “ok, I’ll go fishing in a month then” so I’m ready to come to Saint-Petersburg so, where is our Petrov? I rang him up first, he is like our trucker fighter 45 years old, correct? 43? 44 44 years old, he hasn’t fought for a long time was running cross for last two weeks as we recommended it will be the fight of two simple men who want to show themselves old school in STRELKA applaud real men I hope I will fight at this age too the main thing is health so, how are you? are you ready? applaud the guys General to the right corner, old school to the left one sportsmen, to the middle shake your hands don’t hit poll and backbone are you ready? are you ready? attention, fight let’s support our guys Ribalka General hits a crushing blow stop sportsmen, to the middle the friendship won in this duel nevertheless General some words guys, say some words I got ischemia what? ischemia what? ask the doctor I just couldn’t hear ischemia you have? no, I meen it’s difficult to speack ok, rest then say some words you have an exceptional style unique old school style lie on the sofa and support ours no, you lie I used to practice aikido I won myself respect applaud wish you success improve phisical form and aikido will work

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  1. Организуй СТРЕЛКУ в своем городе !

  2. I see a lot of arguments here in the comments section and people defending Aikido. It's pathetic at this point. Why can't people just accept the fact that Aikido doesn't work in a real knock down, drag out fight? There is no longer any question regarding what works and what doesn't if we look at the issue objectively. Boxing, Muay Thai, BJJ, Judo, all of these work. Especially MMA which almost always includes BJJ or some other form of ground fighting. It's amazing that before the UFC, most martial artists didn't really know how to fight. Now if we want to learn effective fighting techniques, we know just where to go. If you want to learn an art form, then by all means learn Aikido or Kung fu. But if you want to learn how to fight, study BJJ, boxing, and Muay Thai. Even Judo can be formidable and effective for throwing an attacker on the ground and getting away. A lot of you people seem to be more concerned with holding on to your precious traditional martial arts than you are with what actually works in a real fight. Well, again, if you want to see what really works in an actually fight, watch UFC and that will give you your answer.

  3. the fact that you people couldn't tell this wasn't actual aikido makes you see allot more ignorant than you guys already make yourselves.

  4. Two problems:

    One, neither of them were actually very skilled, and two, the ref should have let the fight go another ten seconds to see if white pants could recover. This wasn't even really mma vs aikido, it was a slugfest…

  5. And once again Aikido is Aikidon't……………………………………………………………..
    But in all fairness my cousin was very good with Aikido and as he MAY have included OTHER disciplines when he had to get busy, he only lost once.

  6. Чтд… Айкидо и всякого такого рода ментальная белеберда для дебилов (на канвасе, татами, или песке)

  7. Not sure what would make dude an Aikido master, but it's damn near impossible to do with gloves on for one thing. If he was a legit "master" of the form, he'd be well aware of that. Not saying he wouldn't still get punched out as he did, just saying it's really not gonna work with gloves on like that.

  8. I think that if the Aikido guy could have just backed out of MMA guy's punches, the MMA guy would have just gassed out.

  9. WTF was that….. girls slapping each other!   I can tell you that the one 'using Aikido' … was NOT using Aikido…… I would had the boxer down in less than 10 seconds….

  10. I have found that Aikido falls under fake wrestling. Fake, big time. It may work well at a dancing with the stars episode.

  11. Just like with most martial arts, you can't learn one and get in a ring. Mixed martial arts takes every component and applies it to the situation.

  12. なんだこのタイトル詐欺動画?w

  13. Certainly not an "Aikido master". A proper Aikido sensei would have used the first punch for a nice sankyo, twist the other guys' arm and the fight would have been over within seconds. His opponent practically 'offers' him three really slow hits where you could really use some Aikido techniques in an efficient way.

  14. Quiso aplicar aikido en una pelea real; pero el aikido es a las artes marciales lo que la homeopatía a la ciencia médica.

  15. You could probably work the techniques in if you practiced them under the conditions of intense sparring, but that's not how aikido practitioners usually train.

  16. We have to be honest with her ourselves, evenly matched the bigger guy, or in boxing or sticking the guy with the longest and stronger arms has a major advantage. It doesn’t guarantee a victory but it’s an uphill climb if your smaller. We have our Mike Tyson’s in boxing any Gracie and Matt Hughs in MMA over the years. But if those guys were huge they could have been more deadly but would probably lose endurance. Royce Gracies endurance was ridiculous

  17. All you akido clowns are delusional. You're going to get your asses handed to you in an actual fight. This is not a Stephen seagal movie lol.

  18. nothing wrong with aikido techniques but you have to use it with other techniques you have to learn striking and really master closing the gap and taking the fight to them playing with defence and relying on countering is not a good strategy you have to be pre-emptive and go after them dictate the pace and put them on the defensive

  19. Thats a MMA fighter? Throws punch randomly and has not technics at all. Aaaaaaand we can see he likes training by eating burgers !

  20. STRANGE HOW NONE of the Aikido haters wants to acknowledge My Massive Compilation Doing Aikido Techniques and Standing Jiu-jitsu techniques/armlocks vs Pro MMA Fighters/Jiu-jitsu peeps/Football Player/Experienced Judoka here ​ AND NOT SAYING Aikido by itself is for vs Legit Fighters IN ALREADY ENGAGED STRIKES BEING THROWN FIGHTS….it is for PRE FIGHT/SMACK TALK PHAZE mostly for first strike…and yes I used in many many times Bouncing. Of course having MMA/Jiu-jitsu/Catch Delivery system helps..AND AIKIDO GUYS NEED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT. OG days Aikido guys were already Black Belts in Both Judo and Shotokan/Karate usually (and were bar brawlers to test themselves when drinking). It's helpful for Cops/Bouncers/Medical Staff. Anyone thinks I can't fight should watch me vs 30 Top MMA Fighters (11 UFC Vets rest JMMA Champs-listed in description) ​ Also, here is my Vid more articulately describing "Aikido ONLY Mostly Sucks, Except……." ​ and I also have the best two videos of Systema in Actual Sparring too!

  21. 観客はこれ観てなにが楽しいんだろ…??すごい闘い!!とかでもないしエンターテインメントとして見ても面白くないし…

  22. Steven Seagull could beat up everyone there all at the same time. I saw him walk into a biker bar once, and beat the shit out of 40 men and didnt even get hit once. Hes too cool.

  23. It's nice to see that the fighters were cool about it all at the end none of them fools seems to have gotten serious damage.

  24. As aikido black belt I'll tell you: the problem with aikido lies in how it's taught. The whole bullshit about peace, care, connection with your opponent, using his energy is useless. Violence is unexpected, merciless, bloody and painful. The very basics of aikido teach you to take your opponent down with minimal effort and force. That doesn't work. Either you learn how to effectively cause harm to the opponent or you are learning bullshit. There is no other way. Want to learn how to fight and defend yourself? You have to know how to hurt people very badly. There is no magic in it, just simple honesty. Take up any art/system/whatever where people put on gloves, go on the mat and learn how to fight. Not the magic techniques, but how to fight. When and where to strike, how to move and that's it. Shame cuz aikido has some good moves that are in BJJ, judo and the like, but it's never actually realized because there is no acknowledgement of aggression, like it was so bad mojo or some shit.

  25. Ничо ничо, скоро Стивен Сигал вас всех поймает и успокоет. За Айкидо, никто кроме нас!

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