ALICE ROBINSON – the inspiring story of a young alpine ski racer from the Völkl Ski Racing Team

ALICE ROBINSON – the inspiring story of a young alpine ski racer from the Völkl Ski Racing Team

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Got into the sport I think I was about
eight. I live like 10 minutes from mountains so it was really close And just one day I saw a bunch of people skiing around and make races and I was like “Oh this looks quite fun!” So I kind of just started doing from there. I think it’s an awesome sport because it’s like fun. Which I think kind of makes big difference. It’s not like doing a normal kind of sport. It’s really fun skiing down the mountain. And then also I think success probably is what makes me happy. Like doing well that keeps me going a lot. I think probably the highlights were World Cup Finals. I think I was like got 30th after
first run at World Champs and then I think that kind of boosts my confidence
a bit knowing that I got to run first. And then had an awesome second run and
then yes so that really boosted my confidence going into World Juniors the
next week and then that was kind of at my home base for World Juniors which
is really exciting. And I think that was massive highlight for me because I
had two really awesome runs and is was really the first time in a while that I’ve really kind of
been able to perform on that kind of level for like two runs would be really
happy with how I skied. [ISRA Coach Jeff Furgus] Alice is probably the most adaptable athlete I’ve ever worked with. You can tell her to do something and she can correct it so
quickly. You can tell her to adjust her line and she can adjust her line to to
wherever you tell her to be on a course. And I’ve never seen an athlete make the
adjustments as quickly as Alice. [Alice] Probably most important time that I saw
the green light was at World Cup finals when I was in 3rd after the first run. So I
knew if I came down with the green light that I was on the podium. So I’m
coming across there and suddenly life felt pretty surreal to me. [TV commentator] …beginning with the surprise of the day: 17 year old Kiwi Alice Robinson. And here she is third after the first run an stunning! Getting closer to
the lead here at the next interval this is fantastic skiing from the Kiwi! Close to the lead through the final gates Alice Robinson at the finish… [Alice] But I was pretty crazy to be out there with Mikaela and Petra who are Olympic and World Champions. It was pretty surreal and I was like “what’s going on?” My goals for next season would be to be
like consistent and just kind of be consistently top 10, top 5 like throughout the whole season or even better. I don’t know, I don’t want to set
too high expectations. But consistently kind of right in there for
the whole season then going forward. just kind of wanted feel like winning
more podium and more kind of all that.

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  1. We are super stoked about your progress Alice. Good luck for the coming season. Even though we won the Webb Ellis Trophy, South Africans know when to support a Kiwi!!

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