1 thought on “An affordable, volunteer-run ski area in Vermont”

  1. You ruined what would of been a great video by starting off with Political propaganda. Further more as a Native Vermonter I am deeply offended by your comparison to CA. Vermont is the furthest away from California both physically and culturally. Vermont like much of the country has falling victim to Democrat’s massive corruption, especially in Election fraud, and yes politically we are a blue state, however that Charade is soon to end as True Vermonters who have been complacent and largely uninvolved in politics are waking up to the corruption and deception on the left and the utter horrors of socialism. On a lighter note, great story on North East Slopes, I learned to ski at NES slopes as a child in the 1970’s and have never missed a season since and now bring my 4 children to NES, we buy a family season pass for 6 every year for less $ than it cost me to take my family to any other ski resort for just one day!

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