Are YOU Fitter Than Jesse? (SURPRISE!)

Are YOU Fitter Than Jesse? (SURPRISE!)

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JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Jesse, you ready? JESSE: Yep. JEFF: One, two, three, go! So, what are we doing here? Today, we’re testing how fit Jesse is. More importantly, you’re going to be able
to use his scores to determine how fit you are, compared to Jesse. Now, look; I’m going to run him through
the revised, Army combat fitness test. I’m not saying this is the ultimate, end-all,
be-all test of overall fitness, but what it does is, they’ve made some important changes
to determine how ready a soldier is for combat. So, some of the drills that are now being
tested more accurately represent the rigors of combat to see if your body is prepared
for that. So, they test strength, they test stamina,
they test different aspects of your overall fitness conditioning. We can do that, but of course, I want to throw
in my own two cents here. The first thing I have Jesse doing is hanging
from a bar. How you feeling up there? JESSE: This sucks. JEFF: Yeah. So, what we do is, we test this right here
because I want people to understand a few things. First of all, what’s your grip and forearm
strength? More importantly, what’s your mental toughness? If you hang on here when your forearms are
burning, when your hands are starting to feel numb, how long can you last? Jesse’s actually been up there for a minute. Pretty good job, right? So, the average score on this test is 1 minute
and 40 seconds. Believe it or not, a lot of guys can’t even
hang from the bar for a minute. So, if you want to test it, it’s really
easy. All you’ve got to do is jump up there and
hang straight up there like that and see if you can last for 1:40. Jesse, you’re at a 1:20 right now. Now, the thing is, we’re going to test some
other things I’ve mentioned. We’re going to test the hex bar deadlift. That’s part of the military fitness test. We’re going to test that. We’re going to test the power throw. We’re going to test release pushups – how
many you can do in two minutes. Leg tucks, a 2-mile run. We’re not going to show you that, but I’ll
tell you a little bit about Jesse and his capabilities. How you doing over there, Jesse? JESSE: Uh, I’m all right. JEFF: Then we’re going to do a sprint-drag
carry, and we’re also going to finish with pullups because I feel like it’s a great
overall test of your overall upper body strength and endurance. Now, 1:46. 1:47. Did you know you had already reached 1:40? JESSE: No. JEFF: Oh. So, you just jumped down. I’ve actually seen Jesse pass 2 minutes. Here’s the thing though, guys: that’s
your first test. One by one I want to knock these out, see
how you are. Again, not that Jesse is the epitome of strength
and fitness. JESSE: I mean, I thought I was pretty good. JEFF: Yeah, right. The fact is, he is representing the ‘every
man’, and I want you to see how well you compare to him, test by test. Let’s go. Now let’s do the first test here on the
official revised Army combat test. This is the hex bar deadlift. The way they score it is, they’re going
for the number – you have to do three repetitions and the weight you’re using is what determines
your score. So, the minimum side of this is 180lbs to
log a score. The maximum side of this is actually 340lbs. Jesse, you’re going to show off a little
bit. It’s actually 365 on here, that he assures
me he can do. So, if he can get three clean reps here, he’s
got a maximum score. Making it look easy. There’s one. Two. Good job. Down. So obviously, guys, with the hex bar – nicely
done. With the hex bar the issue is that it’s
going to be a little easier than a bar in front of your body because you’ve shortened
the moment arm on all the posterior chain muscles that are really responsible for executing
the deadlift. So, you’ll probably find that your scores
will improve with this. However, it’s a standard and he just aced
it. Next one we’ve got to move onto now is the
power throw. For the power throw what you’re looking
to see is how far you can throw backward, over your head, a 10lb medicine ball. You’re trying to simulate – as we walk
out to the middle of the max – trying to simulate your ability to assist a soldier
up, and above your head, to a higher level. Here, we hit the minute mark right here or
about 9 yards. 13.5 meters right here is our maximum. So, what we’re looking for is Jesse’s
ability o throw that thing with explosively, vertically. But more importantly, horizontally to get
that distance. Let’s see what you’ve got. That’s a long way. Looks like you landed right about midway between
minimum and maximum. Right about 11 yards, or so. Wait a second. Jesse said he wants another attempt. He said the ball slipped. So, I gave him a towel, so he could wipe his
balls. JESSE: It’s important to wipe your balls. JEFF: Are you good? JESSE: Yeah, I’m good. JEFF: Think you can get it further? You’d better after all that. All right, here we go. One important key: you’re not allowed to
leave your feet during this test. You have to stay grounded. Looks to me like your ball wiping didn’t
do too much more. But you still landed about here. Which is, again, putting him in between min
and max. JESSE: Pretty average, I guess. JEFF: In a lot of ways. Next up is the sprint-drag-carry. This is actually going to be a multi-part
test here. The low score that you’re shooting for,
to max out, is 1:40. Your cutoff is going to be 2:09. I’m going to have Jesse start and I’ll
explain exactly what he’s doing. He’s basically got to go down, and back
50 meters a few times, doing a few different things, once again, to simulate some battle
activities. So here you go. I’m going to get you started. Jesse, are you getting ready? JESSE: Yeah, I’m ready. JEFF: Three, two, one, go. Now, the first part is this 50-meter sprint
all the way down and back. The next thing is going to be the sled carry. 90lbs total weight of the sled, reverse carry,
reverse walk, all the way back, choppy steps there. Watch out for the kids’ toys. We’re doing this in the yard. There you go. Turn it. Chop, chop, chop. The next part of this is actually a movement
drill. The one that they usually do is a side shuffle. Jesse, you’re going to do a side shuffle
here. Keep going. Bring it all the way through. All the way through, all the way through,
all the way through. Good. Side shuffle. Go. So now, he side-shuffles all the way down. You go down and come back. Go. Now he’s going to pick up the kettle bells,
he’s going to walk them down. These are 40lb kettle bells in each hand. Go. Grab them. Squats down to get them. Go, Jesse. Go. You’ve got 1:10. Make up some time. Now it’s supposed to simulate carrying an
injured soldier. Good. Go. 1:35, Jesse. Go. Come on. Go. 1:40. 1:45. So almost getting it in extreme time. Come here, Jesse. Nicely done. JESSE: Thank you. JEFF: How do you feel? JESSE: I’m fantastic. JEFF: All right, good. Now, guys, we’ve got to go back inside. We have more to come in the tests. In addition, I still have those pullups we’re
going to force him to do in the end as well. Next, we have our pushups. What we have is our hand-release pushups. The key to the hand-release pushup, Jesse
– give them the demonstration – is when you release your hands it resets your body. So, it helps to make sure you’re not cheating. So as long as you release your hands on every
rep, that’s what they’re looking for. The maximum here is 70 pushups in 2 minutes,
which of course I’ll be taking the time, and the minimum here is 30. Let’s see how you do, Jesse. You ready? On your mark, get set, go. Two, three, four, five, six. Pacing is important here. Eight, nine. One-seventh of the way there. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22,
23. Remember, you’ve got 2 minutes. 24 and you’re only at 37 seconds. 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. JESSE: Quick break? JEFF: All right. You can do whatever you want with your 2 minutes. What do you have, 30? JESSE: Yep. JEFF: So, you’ve got the minimum. Come on, let’s go. 31, 32, 33, 34. Come on. You’re almost halfway to 70. Do you want me to pinch hit? 35, 36, 37, 38, 39. This hand release stuff makes it harder, huh? JESSE: Yeah. Way harder. JEFF: Come on, let’s go. You’ve got 30 seconds to go. You’ve got 39 down. Let’s go. 40, 41, 42. I’m glad you’re not protecting our country. That’s all I can say. JESSE: Oh, thanks. JEFF: How many have we got. No, let’s go. 15 seconds. 43, right? 44. Come on. Keep going. Keep going. 45. Not yet. And time. 45 hand release pushups in 2 minutes. Need a little work there. JESSE: Yeah. Definitely need a lot of work there. JEFF: All right, we move on now, guys. We’ve got another drill. Next up on the board is actually the leg tuck. Now we move onto the 2-minute leg tuck. How many times, hanging from a bar, can you
pull your body up and touch your knees to your elbows in a 2-minute period? Maximum here is 20. The minimum is 5. You need to redeem yourself, Jesse. Let’s go. Hold on, let me get my stopwatch going. Ready? JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: Three, two, one, go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine. You’re flying. Come on. Pull. 10. Give yourself a break. Shake it out. Plenty of time. So, it’s a total body pulling movement here,
guys. Involving abs as well because of the knee
tuck. 12, 13, 14, 15. Come on. You’ve got plenty of time. Just about a minute. Five more. Max it out. Let’s go. Come on. Bang them out. Quickly. One. Up. Two. Three more. Three. Four – I’m not giving it to you. Come on. Two more. Let’s go. Pull them up. One more. Touch the knees to the elbows. Let’s go. Drive it, drive it. I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it. I didn’t see it. Okay. Good. Nice job. With time to spare. So, he maxed out 20 of the leg tucks. Now, let’s discuss, while you’re sitting
here out of breath – the two-mile run. I’m not going to make you watch him do a
two-mile run. One thing people don’t know about Jesse
is, he’s got inordinate abilities to be able to run. Probably from playing lacrosse, right? JESSE: Yeah. Well, I played for 14 or 15 years. JEFF: So, a two-mile run, your best time. Be honest. JESSE: Last time I tested it was 11:40. JEFF: Which is amazing. So, 11:40. He clearly was at – what’s the max here? 12:45 minimum and 18:09 is – sorry. 12:45 is the high score, 18:09 the low side. Clearly, he’s maxed that out as well. I like it. It’s important because people talk about
being one-dimensional. You can’t just be strong. If you’re strong and you can’t run a mile,
you’ve really negated the value of that strength, in my opinion. As a matter of fact, people are out there
who actually have YouTube channels that wouldn’t be able to run a mile, and we know that. JESSE: That’s absurd. JEFF: Right. You know that in the same – on the other
side of the coin too, you’re can be able to run a mile in four minutes, but if you
can’t lift any substantial weight, you’ve greatly minimized the benefit. At least you’d better be able to run away
from somebody because if you ever get into a fight you’re going to lose. JESSE: Yeah. JEFF: So, you need to have everything. Everything is well-rounded, you need to be
able to have all that. That’s what we’re testing here constantly
at ATHLEANX. Again, in this test here, today, we’re in
the military combat fitness test. All right, guys. We have one last test here. We have the pullup. JESSE: No. No, we’re not doing pullups. It’s not part of the test. I did your little, dead arm hang to begin
with. If they want to be a judge of my pullups,
I did it when we went to RAW. JEFF: That’s right. JESSE: And the Navy was out there. JEFF: All right, so we went to RAW Summer
Slam and they had a Navy recruiter out there. Jesse, fresh out of the gate was able to go
out there and do pullups. But they can be the judge of your pullups. JESSE: Yeah, that’s fine. JEFF: All right. I’m going to post that video here, coming
up at the end of this video. The idea, though, is this: you did a good
job. JESSE: Thank you. JEFF: You didn’t max out of everything,
but you were showing a nice, well-rounded fitness that I think we should all attain. JESSE: That’s what it’s all about, right? JEFF: Right. You don’t want to be unidimensional, and
basically have one element that you can thrive in, but then suffer in everything else. That’s not what ATHLEANX is all about. It’s certainly not what well-rounded fitness
is about. Certainly not what the military is trying
to instill in its soldiers. So, guys, if you’ve found it helpful, if
you want to compare yourself to Jesse, feel free. Go ahead and start trying some of these tests. In the meantime – what is that about? JESSE: Oh, are they fitter than me? JEFF: Is that what you – you think it’s
about biceps? JESSE: Uh, it could be. JEFF: Okay. Well, it’s not, guys. It’s about well-rounded fitness, as I’ve
just said. If you’re looking for a well-rounded fitness
program, that’s ATHLEANX. You can get them over at the
website. In the meantime, tell me what else you want
me to cover, anything else you want me to do to him torture-wise. We’ve put him through the tests. JESSE: It sucks. JEFF: But in the meantime, leave your comments
and thumbs up. Make sure you subscribe and don’t forget
to turn on your notifications. We’ll be back here again with another video
soon. See you.

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  5. I love that you added the new ACFT. We’re currently in the pilot program trying to incorporate it as the standard for our cadre by October. Overall, we feel it’s a much better indicator of overall fitness. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to “take a little break” during the hand-release push-ups. That results in the event being terminated with your score at last rep.

    Again, thank you for your channel, and I would love to have you come out to fort Benning and help us create a program that would benefit our soldiers. Have a good day.

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  8. I'm 6'2" 216 9.5% bodyfat as of yesturday but in trying to bring that percentage down to 6 or 7% and probably 205lbs

  9. these are good fun but if you ask some soldiers that have seen real combat how often they had to hang from a bar, or throw anything as far as possible behind their head I would be shocked to hear any of them say they did it often. My assumption would be the real test for a persons faculties for combat would be far more mentally driven then physically driven, but I guess this isnt a mind games channel.

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