Army West Point Rugby on the Importance of #TeamUpSpeakUp

Army West Point Rugby on the Importance of #TeamUpSpeakUp

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Rugby is an amazing sport. It really, in my
opinion, tests the individual more than any other sport physically, mentally, and
emotionally and there’s tremendous growth you can achieve through that not
just as an athlete but as a person. But within that we need to be smart, we need
to look out for each other and have each other’s back so we can do it as safely
as possible. It’s important that we give the Team Up Speak Up speech to our
players so we educate them on the best practice protocols to look after them on
the field. Speaking up is complementary to the culture we want to build in our
team which is that we got each other’s backs at all time, whether it’s stepping
up and doing something brave and physical and tough on the field or it’s
looking after guys best interest if he’s not seeing what’s best for him at the
time. I think a coach from the sideline can sometimes recognize when there’s a
concussion but certainly not always and we want as many eyes as possible doing
the right thing and looking for issues that we need to fix and if players can
help in that regard, which they certainly can, we want them to do that. And really
what this is about is a new level of concussion awareness you know you’re
told hey here’s some symptoms you know you might expect and and self-report but
what we’re learning is that that doesn’t always happen. One, we might not be in our best state if we’re concussed and we might not be aware and certainly you
know our teammates might be in the best position to look out for us so what Team Up Speak Up is about is about being a great teammate right it’s about saying,
“hey we’re a team, we got each other’s back and our expectation of each other if
that is that if we see a teammate that might be concussed we’re gonna tell the
coach or athletic trainer. Alright, and have that guy’s best interest in mind. That make sense? We’re about player welfare not just in the moment for this
game, but also for the entire season, for their entire career, and more importantly
their entire life. Alright fellas like in all things we do we got each
other’s back same with concussions we Team Up, we Speak Up we look after each
other. Jake let’s get a call. Concussion education and reporting
I’d call it a win-win-win. It’s a win for the player certainly their welfare in
the moment, it’s a win for the team in the moment in that we’re gonna get a
player off that can’t perform at their best, and it’s a win for the team and the
player in the long run because that player is going to get back sooner.

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