AUDIO: Mapstone on the 1990 lacrosse team’s visit to G.H.W. Bush White House

AUDIO: Mapstone on the 1990 lacrosse team’s visit to G.H.W. Bush White House

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Good morning 6:51 Finger Lakes morning
news joining us in studio many people know him as my broadcast partner on Hobart
lacrosse broadcasts on WOAS down the street David Mapstone member of the 1990
national championship Hobart lacrosse team and they went to the George H.W. Bush
White House. So good morning how’s it going? It’s going well. The band’s back together. Yeah the first thing is I didn’t know that D3 teams got
the whole White House treatment so how did that come about the White House
contact Hobart? Or did somebody know somebody? Or do you know? You know, to
tell you the truth I don’t know exactly how. I do believe that we did have some
kind of connection there at the White House, either a Hobart connection or a
lacrosse connection. That was ’90 that was before Mark Gearan right? That was before Mark Gearan, yep exactly and I’m not sure exactly if again if it was a Hobart
connection or if it was a lacrosse connection but if you see in the picture
there is a man standing next to coach O’Hara and I believe coach knew him
fairly well so he might have been a Hobart guy and they were working closely
with our communications office to coordinate the trip. It was a very
last-minute trip we we finished commencement that time of year we
finished up graduation in July and the seniors graduated in probably about a
day later after commencement. Wow. We got a call from coach and said we’re
going to the White House to meet President Bush. Be on campus in 24 hours
if you want to go. I’ve been outside the fence I’ve never been in what’s that
like to get on the property and actually see the place? It’s pretty
incredible it’s a pretty surreal experience.
It’s a beautiful obviously a beautiful place. DC is just absolutely majestic, of
course, but as an 18 year old I mean think about it we we just won the
national championship and we’re a band of bandits and and we’re on a bus and
we’re driving down to DC and it’s literally probably an 18
hour trip. We were down and back in in 18 hours down him back in one day. So we get
down there we leave at 5:00 in the morning from Geneva we get down there. We
go through security and there was a few hiccups going through security with
some of the guys but they ended up getting through. Secret Service let him
through but then just to be on the grounds and to be in the presence of
greatness in history was just was really surreal, incredible especially for
such young impressionable men. So how long was the President Bush around? He
was in and out pretty quick. So we were there representing division three
and then Syracuse was there representing division one. So he came out to see us
first. Syracuse that was their only loss that year by the way, so Syracuse
they were… Did you challenge them to a game? No we didn’t. They beat us pretty
good. That was when the Gate brothers were playing. So they were
gathered on the other side of the lawn so President Bush came to see us
first. Spent a good ten minutes with us shaking hands, introducing himself to all
the players, cracked a few jokes and then sit for pictures. So yeah we were with
him for about ten minutes or so. So who were some of the, other than you, the key
guys on that team that people would remember? That were Hobart fans. Oh my gosh
jeez. We just had probably this was probably one of the best, if not the
best team, I’ve ever played for, played with as far as teammates go. We
cracked jokes all the time this was B.J. O’Hara’s first year coaching after
Dave Urick left to go to Georgetown and Ted you could have coached this team to a
national championship, easily. We just had a stacked, stacked team. Our starting
midfield, all three of them, were All- Americans. We had Matt Kerwick, obviously,
former Hobart coach, All-American. Mike DeMaria,
Hobart Hall of Fame and we had Kurt Drury, who was a Canadian player. A box
Canadian player who played for us at the midfield and then on attack we had Bill
Miller probably one of the best attack men in division three of all time. We had
Lance Savage, who was a real scrappy player who made his living on the crease.
Then Jeff Tambroni, who I just saw, who we both just saw inducted into
the Hall of Fame. Then we had Jacques Monte from Fairport High School. He
was probably about 5’7″ and 195 pounds short, squatty guy, all-state wrestler. He
was our face-off guy. We had Andy Bender in goal. Pat Solomon was our backup
goalie. Peter Bennett was one of our defenders. Chris Curvin, local Geneva guy,
was a defender for us. Larry DiGiovanni. We just were
absolutely stacked. So what are these publications you got with you here? So yeah, actually, these were press guides that were published during the 80’s into the
90’s and they were handed out to different media outlets and these were
actually given to me by the late John Collins. Wow Wow. Yeah exactly.
I’ve got my black H in the corner, one of the last ones
actually. Yeah so they’re uh they’re actually all scribbled on over here and
with scores on them from the 1990 team. Oh wow look at that. Again one one loss for that
team. It was just fantastic and again Ted those were the years when we
were division three but half our schedule was division one. So looking down the schedule you know the regular crew of division three teams but at division
one we played Arizona, we played Syracuse, played Penn State, we played Cornell,
played Michigan State, we played Ohio State and we beat everyone that year
except for Syracuse. Syracuse went undefeated their year as well.
We’re about, I don’t know, just right around two months I guess to opening
day for the next edition of the Statesman. It
certainly feels like opening day right now. It’s getting close, isn’t it?
Yeah, well good to see you again. I early, the only slot we had this morning
and sharing that story, appreciate it. Yeah absolutely.
David Mapstone, a member of one of the many national championship teams at
Hobart. It’s 6:58 on the Finger Lakes Morning News.

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