Ball Tampering Scandal: What Can We Learn? (Cricket & Life Series)

Ball Tampering Scandal: What Can We Learn? (Cricket & Life Series)

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On 24th March Aussie players were caught red
handed tampering with the ball at the Cape Town test against South Africa. What really shocked the cricket world was
the extent of planning that went behind it. This premeditated cheating was obviously fuelled
by the obsession to win. In the world we live in, this
obsession to win is turning into an epidemic, and the consequences are many fold. If you go to a large bookstore and visit the
self-help section, you will find one kind of books that say “You can do it. You can make it. Anything’s possible.” And alongside you will find books of the second
kind that tell how to deal with low self-esteem, how to stop feeling bad about oneself . There is a real correlation between the two. In a society which tells you that you have
to win at all times under all circumstances, you will obviously have people having serious
difficulty coping with inevitable failures. And very soon we may need books of the third
kind that say cheating is bad, you will be punished for cheating, books on basic morality,
because when you have a society obsessed about winning, you will find a lot of people turning
to malpractice to make it happen. So please, let’s understand that there’s more to life than just winning or losing. Let’s make life a learning experience. So let’s cultivate the habit of really trying
our very best and then leaving the rest.

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