Basic Restart – What To Do When Outdoor Readings Show Dashes


In some instances your station and sensor
will have trouble connecting with each other. Now, this will typically happen after the
batteries go dead or you experience a power outage. The most common fix will be to perform a basic
restart of your station. Here’s how it’s done. When the outdoor sensor readings show dashes
you will want to bring the sensor in the house and set it at least five feet from the weather
station. Remove the batteries from the sensor, as well
as, the batteries and power cord from the weather station. Then PRESS & RELEASE any button at least 20
times and then wait at least 15 minutes. This provides a “Clean” connection opportunity by removing any random energy still in the station. Basically, this returns the unit to its out
of the box condition. So, after the 15 minutes, insert new batteries into the sensor, and then into the back of the station. And then finally reconnect the
power cord. Within a minute or two the data for your outdoor
sensor should show up on screen. After which, we recommend waiting another 15 minutes to make sure it establishes a strong connection. You can then place the sensor outside in its
shaded location. Now, if you correctly followed us along and your outdoor sensor readings are still showing dashes, you will want to contact our support
center directly, using the link on the top right side of this video This will get your information into our system
and offer the fastest support solution possible, should you need a replacement sensor or station. Alternatively, feel free to post any questions or concerns in the YouTube comments section below. We are here to help you. But in the meantime, we hope you continue to enjoy your, now working, La Crosse Technology weather station.

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