BATTLE OF THE SEXES Trailer (2017) Emma Stone, Steve Carell Tennis Movie


Anyone else like to share? How ’bout you in the back, with the glasses, sir? My name is Bobby and I’m an addict. – Hi Bobby You know, you folks aren’t here because you’re gamblers. You are here because you are terrible gamblers! – Ok, Bobby… These folks don’t need to stop doing what they’re doing. They just need to get better at it. Who’s dealing? Who’s in? Hello? Eureka, Billie Jean! It’s Bobby Riggs – I have a great idea! Male chauvinist pig versus hairy legged feminist. You’re still a feminist, right? I am a tennis player who happens to be a woman. Don’t hang up- And by the way, I shave my legs. Billie Jean King, already a champion of women’s rights, is now the most successful female player of all time. I am not saying that women don’t belong on the court, who would pick up the balls otherwise? Oh my gosh! There is not a single thing I don’t hate about Bobbie Riggs You know what I’m doing, I’m cooking! I’m cooking! I won the triple of Wimbledon, I could beat Billie Jean King! Does she have the nerve? Call Bobby, tell him it’s on. So Billy Jean, what do you want? Don’t get me wrong, I love women- in the bedroom and the kitchen. (laughter) Keep talking Bobby- more nonsense you spell, the worse it’s gonna be when you lose I’m gonna be the best- that way I can really change things Ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna put the show back in show business. Bobby is a clown. This whole thing is an act for him Business, sports, you name it. At the very top it’s a man’s world. It’s when we want a little bit of what you got, that’s what you can’t stand 40 million people are watching, the battle you have all been waiting to see- I’m done talking, let’s play!

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