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  1. I can't seem to be able to stop going downhill even though I have a wedge. My knees actually touched as well as my thighs. Is it because I should have my legs and knees farther apart. Another question, when I make the wedge, should I put my weight on the inside edges of the ski and raising the outer edges slightly able the ground? Thanks for your informative video. I had a quick lesson yesterday but didn't learn much from the instructor as how to fall and get up.

  2. Think about your feet getting further apart, you shouldn't have your knees and thighs together! it will be really hard on your legs push your feet apart this will naturally make your inside edges slow you down, but never pull your knees together.

  3. Are we really "pushing" our skis out? No we will have a wider parallel if we were. Instead we blend pushing (a lateral movement of the legs outward) and twisting (a rotational movement of the feet and legs so that the tips are close and the tails wider).

  4. Thanks a lot for these videos! I'm 26 and today I went skiing for the first time in my life! I thought it would be very difficult but thanks to your tutorials (and a pair of good skis;)) it was much easier to start! 😉 

  5. What Darren might have included is that the snowplow is ONLY used to stop in the very shallowest of pitches and when you have no room to TURN TO A STOP.  The only other appropriate place to use a snowplow is when the slope is so far over your ability that you have to use whatever means to bail out of the situation.  Because this video was made in isolation, please don't get the idea that the snowplow is a speed control device while you are actually skiing down the slope. The snowplow and wedge are no longer needed for general skiing if proper MODERN technique is learned.

  6. Why does there always have to be some smug know-it-alls that have to complain? I am a beginner and I've found these descriptions and demonstrations very helpful used to re-cap and revise what my instructor taught me. I've had 3 lessons now. I've learned, snow plough, turns, controlling speed and several exercises to help me practise. It's great to come home and use these videos to revise and go over what I learned. Stop being so critical; all instructors are different: there's more than one right way of doing it.

  7. This should be a rotational movement not a "pushing" movement. Twisting of the toes together. Not the pushing movement you demonstrated. You shouldn't be leaning back either. You can't rotate your skis when you are off balance as you are in this demonstration. This is really bad information.

  8. THANKS A LOT. Everything is FANTASTIC. Also hope Arc'teryx and Salomon pay you, you are a great ambassador. I want to buy the same coat, it"s really nice.

  9. This is the move that 30% of the people can't do and 70% were burn with the option to do that.
    I'm one of the 30% that didn't burn with the option to do that move.
    One day someone will invert a Ski tools also for us.

  10. Ok I just need to make sure that you all understand that you should not be snow plowing or pizzaing 100% of time. When you're a beginner it's ok to stop with it until you learn to hockey stop but doing it all the time will lead to no progression

  11. i went skiing last 4 days with my school class.
    i had a bad time, uhm either im bad or when going fast pizza doesnt work that well

  12. Last year, my class went to the snow and so I showed them this video and we call it making a pizza. This year,my dad and I are going skiing and he forgot how to stop so I told "make a pizza"

  13. I am an experienced skier. I came here so I could find one or two videos teaching 1. How to get up from a fall, with your skis parallel.
    And 2. How to hold your ski poles.

    I see you holding your poles properly, off and on. Will you be pointing this out to your Youtube students?

    I want to find these things to forward to the Wranglerstar family.

  14. Very good series of lessons, I have skied for 25 years 30+ days each year and still review before the season. I like these so much I shared with my ski club and race team members

  15. Great easy to follow and informative videos. I’m learning the basics from your videos and then try out a basic lesson on fake snow at a local ski centre. Later on I’m moving to Scandinavia so I need to learn to ski (both downhill and cross country).

  16. I would add that this absolutely will not work off-piste, so there's no point in going to a snowy hill by your house and trying this. More than likely, the snow will not be hard packed, and your skis will sink into a channel where they're locked into one direction. This prevents you from sliding your skis from the parallel position into the wedge position. On such snow, I really don't know what you can do. It may help to glide across the slope (almost perpendicular to the fall line), stop, then do a down-hill kick-turn and glide the other way. Down-hill kick-turn technique is very useful info, I believe, and deserves its own video.

  17. On my second attempt at skiing my instructor kept yelling at me for snowplowing when I couldn't go parallel and/or got afraid of my speed, he says it's obsolete. Second attempt at skiing was not as fun as first.

  18. I'm planning on doing a 8 day skiing holiday with my school, they said it's ok if you have never ski'd before so I'm watching a shed tone of videos to kind of get an idea, but I know that either it will go well or terribly as you can't tell until you've hit the snow.

  19. I took a lesson for the first time a couple of weeks ago and could not, for the life of me, get the hang of this. I could stop myself while moving very slowly but was incapable of slowing myself down to a stop, once I had any actual speed. Wide wedge, I just kept coming down until I fell. Trying again this weekend and I’m wondering if my skis were too flat but his look pretty level with the ground.

  20. When I went skiing I could never get the pizza shape down but I do find that snow plowing from side to side on the slopes help me a lot.

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