Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Getting In & Out of Ski Bindings

Beginner Snow Skiing Lessons : Getting In & Out of Ski Bindings

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Hi! This is Dave Smith with Hillcrest Ski
and Sports in Gresham, Oregon, on behalf of Expert Village. In this tutorial, we will
cover beginning skiing. In this clip we’re going to cover how to get in and out of your
bindings. You should already be familiar with the toe and heel piece of your binding and
the brake as well. It’s important to make sure that the brake is functioning properly
before you go on the ski hill. When your boot’s not in the binding, your brake should hang
down over the side of the ski. This will help prevent any runaway skis that could injure
people or cause you to lose your skis. When you step into the binding the brake should
come up so that it is not interfering with your metal edge when you’re making turns.
It’s required that you have properly functioning brakes if you’re going to use the chair lifts
at ski resorts. There are several ways you can clear snow and ice from the bottom of
your boot. You can knock your boots together. You can scrape the bottom of your boot on
the back or toe of your binding. You can also bang against the bottom of your boot with
your pole. The important thing is that there’s no snow in between your boot and your binding.
To put the binding on your foot insert the toe first. Center your heel on the heel piece.
And step down hard. Make sure that you see and hear the heel piece lock into place. Then,
left your foot and make sure that the ski is securely attached. The easiest way to get
out of your binding is to use your pole to depress your heel piece while at the same
time pulling your heel up until your boot pops out of the binding. Alternately you may
do this with your hand or with the bottom of your other ski.

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  1. nice, I want to ski but last time I skied was 5 years ago and i completely forgot how to do that. thanks. very clear and informative!

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