BEHIND THE SCENES: Preston Sport Video Day 3 – Boxing


We’re doing boxing today which is a favourite of mine
I love boxing so it’s like a bit of a dream this one for me so we’re
just at the moment setting up all the lights – there’s a lot of lights needed it’s a
big space so over here we’ve got a 2k light that’s coming back over here and
casting a nice warm glow here he’s going be our boxer sat here
putting the gloves on taping his hands up that type of
thing. The light above his head here this is kind of a pretend light so we
call these practical lights so it’s basically a light that would exist in in
the world that you’re trying to create here so basically what we’re
doing is creating like a kind of a strip light that you’d get in a gym or
changing room scenario Another 2K that’s going through our big diffuser
board here – through that cloth it’s actually dispersing the light, so the best
way to look at this is I look it like a hose pipe –
so you’ve got a huge amount of water coming through and that is basically
just making it dispersed, spreading the light particles across our ring here and
then just right over in the back there we’ve got something called a Dedo Light
which is a very small light what it’s doing is it’s just casting a little bit
of light on those punch bags there just so when we’re shooting this way it’s
not going to be really dark and just drop off into darkness in the background
so we actually get some of the details the punch bags in the
background so it’ll just look really nice. Excellent, right that’s a wrap guys
thank you very much! Absolutely perfect
you guys have been awesome! The guys in the boxing club have been absolutely
fantastic really helpful and just done everything we wanted to do, we’ve done some
sparring, we’ve done some heavy bag we’ve got some skipping, we got
them putting the gloves and the wraps on but like I say the main thing is the
footage we got for this is perfect it’s going to look really really good
in the finished film, I’m very happy!

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