Belrobotics – Soccer


After just a few months, it’s amazing how much difference the use of these special machines has made. There are two types of benefit for us. The first is qualitative in terms of lawn quality, in view of the number of mowings imposed per week. The second affects our budget, since we use much less in terms of human resources, transport, and equipment. The machine itself operates all alone, completely autonomously. It works around the clock, in any weather, and always cuts uniformly, which is qualitatively better. It feels better. Leaving the grass clippings on the grass makes all the difference I think. The ground is much softer than before. You notice the difference when other teams visit. It’s the first thing they see. Amazing, nice grass, soft, great carpet, same height. It really is a dream. Thanks to Big Mow, we no longer have to worry. The pitches are guaranteed in tip top shape for the matches on Saturdays. We are delighted with our choice in every way, and we now have a very professional product. For players who are the best in the country in their age category, it is natural that they should play on the very best grass.

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