Benji Marshall makes his return to the Kiwis

Benji Marshall makes his return to the Kiwis

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Benji Marshall is back. The former Kiwi captain
returns to international football after a 7-year absence. The 34-year-old is the big headline
of 19-man Kiwi squad that’ll face Mate Ma’a Tonga
on Saturday. Reporter Te Rina Kowhai
has been following the NZ side around Auckland today
and joins us live. Players from the Kiwis teams have just had
their official team photos and all eyes were on Whakatane-born
playmaker Benji Marshall, who’s been given a second chance. Meanwhile, the squad announcement
came through late last night and 11 players of the 19 players
are Maori including Mr Marshall. The veteran is back. The Tuhoe descendant now
will be back in the black after a seven-year hiatus and being stripped
of his captaincy back in 2013. Kiwis and Tigers coach
Michael Maguire says he’s seen first-hand
Marshall’s leadership. Nikorima ruled out due
to a groin injury but Maguire says he has
plenty of halves to choose from. Veteran player and captain
for the Kiwi Ferns Honey Hireme says she’s happy for the brother
to be back. No doubt, the men’s players will
be happy to see Marshall return. Te Rina, we understand
that the Tongan nation have come out in force
to support their side. What’s the latest? Right now, the Tongan fans
are swarming around Mt Smart Stadium to support their team. No doubt we will see their flags and their strong voices
across Auckland in the days to come. Thank you for your time.

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