Berkeley senior graduates as a boxing champion

Berkeley senior graduates as a boxing champion

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(gentle music) – [Jacqueline] When you
step inside that ring, you can feel extremely vulnerable. If you have those weak points, those weak points will be exposed. How are you gonna deal with the fact that, oh, you’re getting caught with this punch? Are you gonna let it get to your head? Or are you going to adapt? – Boom, boom, boom. Stay in your stance, keep your arms loose. Because of the nature of this sport, you really have to be committed both in mind, body and
spirit to even participate. When I first noticed her, she was always in the front of the class, dead center, up in front. She was just there to focus on learning, and the results really, really showed. The goal of our club really is learning and
personal development. And I think Jackie is
just one great example of what we hope to
develop in our students. Her goal isn’t necessarily
to knock anybody out but to out-skill them. – The reason why I love boxing is because of the character that
it has allowed me to build. I feel like it’s made me confident but also, it has helped me
in my leadership skills. I won a national title
in my weigh, 132 pounds. It felt really good to be
able to win that for my team. They put so much time into me and so much effort into our club that I just wanted to be
able to give that title back for all the time that they
dedicated to the club. I don’t want to give up ever no matter now hard life is, and I think that that’s
why boxing reminds me so much about real life. You can be stuck in a
really back situation, but if you shift your perspective, it can really help you
deal with that situation. Being a first generation student, I think that I didn’t have
somebody to look up to and say can you explain to me what it means to apply to college. Coming from a low-income family, I couldn’t rely on my parents to pay for my college for sure, and so it really pushed me
to make sure that I hustle to provide that for myself. (gentle music) Graduation is going to feel like, okay, I survived this thing that was unimaginable to me at some point. When I graduate, I’m gonna
be a software engineer at a small startup called CircleCI. They help other companies build their code and test their code to make sure that they’re able to release their products. I just love being able to build something, put all this energy and
effort into creating something and that it can actually
be used by other people in positive ways. – [Jon] She’s a person
with so much integrity and honesty with herself and others. She won’t blindly do anything. I think that’s what makes her a leader. She decides what’s right
in her moral compass, and if it’s right, she dedicates herself to that. – [Jacqueline] You can spend
your whole undergraduate career feeling like you’re not good enough. And so I think that Cal
Boxing reminded me that, you know, who are you
trying to prove yourself to? Like, is this about you or is
this about what people think? It taught me take risks
in and out of the ring, even if I was like, am I good enough to take advantage of this opportunity? You have to make a conscious decision and say, yes, I’m scared, but I’m still going to push through it.

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