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  1. Its a run it straight challenge. The rule is RUN IT STRAIGHT! There's no rule that says you have to tackle with or without arms.

  2. They do rugby most in Australia then America or any other country so does that make you Australian?

  3. Hola buen video te sigo desde hace mucho hablo español y queria saber como ago para tener esas prendas de tu canal saludos

  4. Bande de con en quoi c’est marrant ils plaquent comme des gros connards en plus et mettent des sales coups dans la tête

  5. 80 percent of the tackles are high tackle and just shoulder charge and they will probabily receive yellows.

  6. ja run it straight but for fuck sake side step, dummy, draw the man etc, etc…go forward over the ruck, play the phases, but this is not rugby

  7. More like "Confused, Drunk American, Egotistical, Image Ruining, Shouldn't be Promoted, Rugby Concussion/Shoulder Surgery Challenge"

  8. American wankers. You couldn’t make a proper rugby tackle if your sister/wife’s life depended on it.

  9. this is bullshit tackles with no arms and most extremely dangerous and illegal.

    This isn't rugby tackles at all mate. rack off. these are fatties having fun.

  10. this is such a fucking American thing. less then half of these were legal tackles. and in rugby you're supposed to run it straight it's not a fucking challenge

  11. I remember doing this in primary school lol. If anyone had beef with anyone. Both persons take turns at running it straight to each other at lunchtime hahah .. good times

  12. Que se tiene q aser para ganar esa remera o cuanto cuesta o donde la compro xfa yo juego al rugby ase 3 años y me gustaría tener esa remera

  13. Pretty certain all the cunts saying "This is so dangerous, all these would be yellow's" are all Brits who went to 50,000 pound a year private schools and would get folded in half by most of the people in the video and probably cry. Cheers for my 2 cents.

  14. People are too scared to run or tackle me in high school I once broke my friends ribs legit he was in hospital for ages tox

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