Black Ferns getting ready to face world number two, England

Black Ferns getting ready to face world number two, England

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Ahead of the Maori All Blacks
clash against the Lions the world number one
women’s rugby team the Black Ferns take on number two England
in Rotorua. It’s their last hit out before the
Women’s Rugby World Cup in August. But not only is the game
important to the girls but also being immersed
in the Maori culture that Rotorua has to offer as well. Fine tuning their winning formula ahead of a clash
against a strong opponent. A winning formula that’s beaten
Australia and Canada. Their clash this Saturday
will be world number two England. And this is the final match
before the world cup next month so they need to be on their A-game. Besides playing
these girls are happy the teams were able to experience
some Maori culture as well. Our team was very excited to showcase the Maori culture
last night at Te Puia. As well as experience
other cultures. But when it comes
to the rugby field… …they’re gunning for a win. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.

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