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Boxer Facts

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Best Breed Ever! Boxers!
Boxers are a mix between an Old English Bulldog and the now-extinct Bullenbeisser
Boxers were first bred in Germany during the mid-1800s as butcher dogs. They then became
one of the first military dog breeds. white boxers are deaf
Their short muzzles and coat make them vulnerable They are medium-sized
They are good in houses with access to yard space”
“Are Boxers for me? They are great with kids and families They
are high-spirited and energetic They live to 11-14 years”

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  1. my boxer died today because of cancer, we brought him to the vet today and he said that he has a cancer and my dog died today in the morning. I love him so muchh, he was 8 years old, he was the best dog in the world, boxers are the most amazing dogs!??

  2. I simply love them. But can't have them anymore after two of them died of cancer with less than 7 yo. Too sad for handling that again. This is the only defect of this breed.

  3. FACT! Boxers are actually big piles of derpy, snoring, drooly love dressed up to look like dogs! They are amazing.

  4. This makes me sad and happy because I'm sad because my Brindle Boxer died in August of 2016. This is such a cute vid tho!

  5. I have a white boxer female and im very lucky. She has a blue eye and a brown eye and is not dead and she is protective. I also have a male black, white, and brown mixed boxer. He is super energetic and happy and loves to cuddle. The female is quite lazy (shes 5 years old) and the male is energetic (hes 1)

  6. I have 2 Boxers, wonderful dogs, wonderful temper, wonderful with people, children, and mostly other animals. Wonderful in so many ways, and probably the most happy dog you can find, and most elegant runner there is. That said, low grooming? Sure, dont need to do much with them, but they lose fur all year, and if you dont dust or vacuum in 4 days you will see how much! And you will find the small sharp hairs all over, even under your skin causing inflammations now and then, so be warned 😉

    The tragic thing about them is that they have been destroyed health wise by breading, so make sure you have a good filled wallet if you buy a boxer. Any condition other breeds are known to have you can be sure the Boxer risks to get as well. Seizures, heart, lungs, breathing probs, cancer, epilepsy etc etc etc…….

    So to sum it up, my next dog will not be a Boxer, even though you cant ask for a better friend and companion, Ive cried to many times at the vet thinking this is the end for "him", and "him" means both of them. Combined they have pretty much everything except for seizures and cancer (so far).

  7. Once you have a Boxer, you'll never be without one. They are clowns and love bugs. You'll know intense joy while watching their wiggle butts wiggle!

  8. It'd be nice if folks who put these types of videos out would tell the whole story and not just all the good things about breeds. A Boxer for example is an awful breed to own if you're a lazy dog owner. Don't get me wrong… there is always a chance you could get lucky and land one that's just as lazy as you are but for the most part, in the hands of an owner who just wants to get a dog to cuddle with or is an impatient, selfish type of person who only wants a purebred for status purposes and or just for the sake of having a family dog because a Norman Rockwell painting told you so…. a Boxer can be a disaster. An untrained Boxer will be extremely disrespectful of your space and will run you and your children over at full speed if you are in the pathway of the ball or rope etc.. etc.. and in turn will not be a good family dog. In the end it is all about the HUMAN and whether or not they can be a fulfilling owner/leader who will take the time and energy necessary to lead and train and provide the dog with a much needed job/purpose (in other words constructive exercise) so that such a dog can be an upstanding part of the family/pack… it is up to you and/or your human family to mold your dog into the family member you want it to be…it's NEVER the dogs fault.

  9. My boxer dog who passed when I was young saved my life from a bigger dog then she was. So me and my family were walking around town with her and I was in my stroller when a huge dog came and tried to attack me. So out of nowhere she grabbed it by the neck and tackled it until it ran away. <3 She died of breast cancer.

  10. My boxer dog is turning 7 this year and when really excited she still jumps. She has definitely mellowed out over the years, and she was always pretty gentle with me and my brother but once we got our second dog, Monty, she was even more gentle. Monty is a mix between a Pekingese and a Pomeranian, so he's nowhere near Bella's (our boxer) size. Monty was also an only puppy, so he was even rougher than a normal puppy and not even once did Bella ever hurt him on purpose (she would accidentally step on his tail every now and then). Monty would chew on her jowls until they bled and she just get him. Bella has always been a kind and loving dog. Boxers are definitely energetic and very rough with love and play. (She was still gentler with me and my bro fo both) she gives hugs and pets you back. Anyway, she is an overall amazing dog. She gets along ok with cats as long as they don't run..or get in her yard. If they are sleeping she's chill. I don't know where I was going with this but I love my boxer ❤️ and I always will.

  11. I have one aswell, sometimes he does things that are just so dumb i mean last week we bought a new dogbed For him( I'm not english so i don't no how you call a bed where dogs sleep in ) but his head was basically at the side of the bed, instead off sleeping INSIDE the bed he slept outside the best with his head on the sides looking so innocent at me.

  12. you dont see alot of boxers become 11-14 years old. mine died this year at 6 years old :'( looking to get a new pup in the future. and ofc a boxer! 🙂

  13. Lost my boy Sion a month ago. Such a loss as was best boxer you could have. Dont think there be any other just like him . Miss him everyday

  14. Great Video clip! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you researched – Nonadison Ageing Abscissa (do a google search)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for caring for your ageing dog minus the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my m8 after many years got amazing results with it.

  15. I have three boxers, Taka, Suki and Lola. Lola is a white boxer, Taka is a flashy fawn boxer and Suki is a flashy brindle. I have almost had boxers my whole life my fist ever boxer was Kalie she was a a brindle boxer. I also had a German Shepard boxer mix named Jake and Suki’s sister Doka (Reverse flashy brindle) but sadly had to give her away. Boxers are very energetic and are great family dogs. I really encourage you to get a boxer. ✨?

  16. Please frnds can I get to know that is boxer breed is nice dog if somebody has please tell me their lifestyle

  17. 2:48 the dogs on far left and far right are dogue de bordeaux (a.k.a. french mastiffs), respectively with black and red mask ^__^
    We have one… and there's always someone who: "oooh, cute boy… but… isn't he a bit fat for a boxer?" (my baby is actually slightly underweighted… XD)

  18. Obviously my clueless sister has no clue about boxers she claims they are opposite of their character traits

  19. When my boxer farts he doesnt know it was him then starts looking around like who the hell made that sound

  20. It makes me want to get another boxer!!!!!!! Our current boxer would be very jealous I’m sure! we adopted ours when he was 3 and he has been (mostly) perfect. Since he was older when we got him, he doesn’t chew, he is potty trained and he has slightly lower energy. Emphasis on slightly. He’s about 7-8 now and he is happy to lounge around but is ready to go on a walk at a moments notice.

  21. I used to live in Minnesota and I owned a boxer. You can still own them in cold or hot temperatures and take them for occasional short walks.

  22. Please do a video on Rajapalayam hound

    I would encourage it
    Thank you so much for such good videos and i love them all #adoglover thanks a lot ???
    #love from India

  23. Avere un boxer significa avere una bomba di energia positiva vicino a te .Il mio boxer si chiama Sid ed è il quarto.

  24. Hope this doesn't sound to crazy, but when my boxer liberty passes on I am going to be screwed she is the best thing to have ever come into my life her funny gestures and quips especially to small creatures is a non stop entertainment center of comedy to me, one summer for at least an hour after it rained she ran galloping around the back of the house and kept picking up these toads and walked them over to the creek and dropped them in the water it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen…

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