Boxing Bell


A 10″ electric bell. Let’s make it mechanical! First, the clapper arm. Some scrap steel. Marking out the shape. Securing in a vice. Grinder with cutoff wheel to cut out the shape. Cutting out slits for the pivot hole tabs. Making tabs slightly thinner so they’ll bend easier. Bending the tabs over. Drilling out holes for a spring, the pivot rod and the wooden clapper. Rounding the edges. Adding a slight bend so the clapper can reach the bell. The finished clapper arm. Marking out the shape for the trip/pull arm. More cutting & shaping. Installing a flap disc sander for easier shaping of the curves. Smoothing the rough curves. Refining the shape on the belt sander. Marking out the location of the holes. Hole for the pawl. Hole for the pivot. Hole for a pull chain. Shape for the pawl. Cutting it out with the cutoff wheel. Refining the shape. Cutting a groove to create a lip. Hammering over the lip. Drilling a hole in the pawl. Wee!!! How the trip lever and pawl will function. Finer and finer sand paper. 120 150 220 320 Satin finish. Good enough. All parts finished. Phew! Pop rivet. Feeler gauge. Adding a small shim between the parts to be riveted together. Pop! Removing the shim after riveting leaves a small space allowing the parts to pivot. The lip on the pawl makes it pivot/rotate just one way. Bell disassembly. Jasco not a sponsor of this video. Adding the paint remover and letting sit for 15 minutes. Test scrape. Looks ready! Wire brush to remove the paint and wipe it clean. Sanding the surface smooth. Steel wool to bring it to a satin finish. Finished pieces. Scrap wood. Red oak maybe? Cutting to length. Planing smooth. Marking locations and drilling for the stops and the pivots. Red oak with polyurethane. Meh. Knolling shot of the hardware. Adding bolts to act as stops. Adding threaded rod to act as pivots. Nylon washer Trip arm. Bolt stops it from going too far either way. Metal washer. Nylon washers/spacers. Clapper arm. A test to make sure clearances are good. I’d like a brass clapper, but a wooden knob will work for now. Eyebolt to anchor the springs to. Attaching the springs. Springs make too much noise. Adding cloth backer to dampen the sound. Much better. Finally showing off how it works! Scrap wood to create a riser block for the bell. Predrilling holes for mounting screws. Large hole for a threaded insert. Adding the threaded insert. Installing the riser block. Pedestal for bell. 10″ bell. The original bell placard. Bolting everything down. Reduced volume to avoid annoying everyone. Eventually I’ll mount it to the wall, but it’s just a neat standalone prop as it is now.

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