Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing Abs Workout


Another important aspect of boxing is strength
training. You need to lift weights and have the right program and I’ll let my instructor
conditioning trainer go over that with you. Hi, my name is Eric Castillo with EC Personal
Fitness and the first exercise we’re going to cover is a catch and toss. Am I in the
floor? This is a two person exercise. This exercise is designed to strengthen your erectus
abdominus and your obliques. First, lie on the floor, sit on the floor with your feet
bent, or your legs uh, your legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Your partner ether
stands in front of you or stands completely on your feet as we’re going to demonstrate.
Your partner should through the ball in the center of your chest catching the ball in
this eccentric movement towards the ground and as you come up in the concentric movement
you throw the ball toward your partner. Okay, there you go, that’s it.

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