Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Boxing rope drill


This is a great boxing drill that you can
do at home or in the gym because all your really need is a rope, any kind of rope it
could be a jump rope, it could be a kind of string, a rope, because you’re not really
going to touch the rope. So you just need to tie it at the end of the room or just make
sure that you put it near your stance, remember your stance you have to be braced, fifty percent
on your weight one leg and fifty percent on the other. And you want the rope just above
your shoulder, not touching you, but that’s a good stance right there…and you have to
give me your side. And from here you are to work on your foot work, to go forward and
backwards and you can work on throwing your combinations at different levels. So here
for example, I’m just going to do the foot work for example, so if you’re standing
right here your hands are always right here. If I’m going to step forward I’m just
going to step slide and remember it’s step slide. That way I’m always braced that way
if they rush me at any time I’m always ready to fight back. Always. Okay, and if I want
to step back same thing: step slide step slide. Now as you advance and you practice more and
more you’ll be able to do the bob and weave to deflect the punches or go under the punches
and pretty much what you can do is start throwing your punches after that. So from right here
you would do step, and you could just, and the whole object is not to touch the rope,
not to touch the rope. So, notice how it’s all in my legs – it’s like a hydraulic
system, it’s all in my legs. I’m not doing this. It with my legs and then from here I
can step, I can throw my jab, step jab cross go under go under, step, and go back, go back,
go under go under, go back. And that is the rope boxing drill that will help you with
your coordination and your footwork and your punches and your bobbing movement all together
and you can do it right out of your own home.

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