Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Shadow boxing

Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Shadow boxing

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Shadow boxing is very important because it
helps you correct, you know, your own form, your own critique, you can look at yourself
in the mirror and you can see what openings you have it’s like if you’re facing your
opponent, but you’re facing yourself, and you’re studying yourself and you can see
where you’re vulnerable and what are your weaknesses. And to shadowbox it’s pretty
simple but it’s very important that you know how to throw your punches with the proper
form. So, to shadowbox is that you’re always in your stance and the very important thing
about shadowboxing is that you always have to be relaxed. You have to be relaxed because
it is a warm-up and it could also be your cool down. It also helps you coordinate yourself
and be able to throw your punches from every angle. So you want to make sure and always
be relaxed because if you get too tense too tight you’re going to start cramping on
your back, you’re going to get tired and your shoulders are going to start, you’re
going to start dropping your shoulders. You always want to be calm, relaxed, smooth and
you want to get in your stance. And then, when you shadowbox, you want to start letting
your punches go. Now they don’t have to be full speed, at first you can start off
with a nice little warm up, you know just make sure you’re throwing them right. You
can look at yourself in the mirror, make sure you’re throwing them right. Notice how I’m
turning them over and bringing them right back turning them over and bringing them right
back. And then as you start advancing and learning all your punches you can start moving,
and then you can start stepping, and then you can start working on different drills
where you can do your footwork, and you can do your stepping, you can do your flank, you
can do your bob and weave but all that comes with practice. But for right now let’s just
stay with the basics. You just want to practice your footwork, front back jab jab bring it
back right bring it back step right bring it back.

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  1. trying to learn how to fight online is like trying to walk on water. You have to practice this out, and have a coach tell you whether your doing it right or wrong, because you might think your doing it right, but you can't so sure.

  2. I train Boxing, I think a guy needs all the tips he can get when he is starting out. Of course videos like these don't sub a a trainer, but they sure keep your head in it when you can't be at the gym. A person who wants to be serious about boxing should try to watch everything he can on the subject and run the info by the trainer. BTW, the vids are really good and well put together.

  3. lol i do agree one needs to breathe out… but i guess this guy is doin it a lil too much,,, its almost like hes a mimicry artist for an old super flop chinese film !

  4. One of the dudes at my gym literally yelps "PAH-PAH-PAH" when he throws the hands. Hes a world champion, recently won the Virginia/North Carolina Golden Gloves, but he just had a baby so he can't really box much anymore. (haha too much info?)

  5. I started my first boxing class a few days ago. The most important thing I learnt is to STRETCH before a class… I hardly felt sore after the class, but I suffered from a painful calve cramp in the middle of the night!!! It was hurting the next day, but even more the day after that. I took aspirine and potassium pills. It helped.

  6. i train MMA at cesar gracie jiu jitsu in LODI california my main skills are jiu jitsu and boxing dont have a record yet but im good also i do sambo and a lil judo but thats it

  7. Yeah every time you strike you're suppose to give a breath but people are very stupid sometimes and misunderstand the purpose of him making that noise.

  8. good follow punches loving the jab when u bring youur shoulder to you chin,at felling warriors most ppl bring there chin to there shoulder nice foot movment

  9. I'm where you're at. I was well on my way up in the amateur ranks locally and started doing well in other arenas, very well, actually. Only 14 losses out of 63 fights, but my childhood RA (rheumatoid arthritis) got ahold of me along with some damaged discs and herniated discs in my back. Natural flat-footedness, etc. Things that many great martial artists overcome but tought to handle all at once. After 5 years I'm trying to come back and it's TOUGH. I'm real happy that I remember most of it.

  10. It's funny how the body can't do what you see in your mind, I've never experienced that before. Having the knowledge on how to do something but the muscle-memory and reflexes are faded and covered in rust. Right now I got various body braces and compression-wraps on but I'm generally doing better. In pain, but better. Good luck to you, Angel!

  11. There is a reason yes. If you get a punch in your stomach for example, when you say "PSH", you tigthen your abs and a punch won't damage you as much.

  12. hey dude you are amazing thanks a lot i am 26 wanna learn box ….i am actually learning from this video thanks bro …god bless u upload as many as u can and get my likes thanks again

  13. yea it is make it a habit, it helps you not get tired so fast like rizkiyoist said, but doing it while shadow boxing is wise so you can make it a habit.

  14. Yo yo… Fine film. My buddy was formerly an obese guy. He reworked himself from 290lbs of fat to 215lbs of complete muscle. His neighbors were flabbergasted. I just subscribed personally coz I'm going to greatly improve my physique. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

  15. Shadow boxing is like poetry in motion. It's just beautiful to watch. I've tried it myself but only end up looking like a fool.

  16. Theres a number of reasons u exhale when throwing punches like that, gives you power and controls your breathing.

  17. I remember how stupid i felt while shadow boxing, till i shadowboxed and cough a glimpse of myself on the mirror.

  18. You have to exhale as you throw your punches. Your muscles will work better that way, and you will generate a lot more energy.

  19. Nice one, I've started shadow boxing as well just to work on my technique. You can have a look at my shadow boxing channel.

  20. I am a 17 yo girl and I have a dream, fuck you who wont read this… Either way fuck you who will 🙂 . So, when high school is over,I'll cut off my long hair and then move to an empty green place where I can practice my training, talk about speed, endurance, strength and so on… Then, when I come back, I'll be straight away ready to start a new life as who I wanna be: a mind and body warrior

  21. I got taught to do the same thing when I used to do tae kwon do. It's to ensure you always exhale when you attack and trainers teach it so they can hear for sure that their students are exhaling when they punch. If you try inhaling while punching it can feel awkward and potentially restrict your attack power and smoothness of your punches. Also it ensures you only exhale a little for each punch and make better use of your breath. Could sound odd to do but it's not some random choice.

  22. all i can do are jabs and straights xD…. any tutorials on how to shadow box more moves?

    reason for shadow boxing: making my self in shape :/

  23. Thanks for the tips bud. Lots of people don't know that like lifting weights, when throwing a punch of kick you are supposed to exhale as you exert your body. Not sure if it generates more force or if it is a way to keep people from holding their breath or tensing up and irregulating their breathing. Its very easy to tense up and not breathe when someone is throwing at you

  24. Only criticism of this video would be not to make that snake hissing noise when punching. You are restricting the oxygen getting into your lungs, after 3 rounds your lips will be blue. Let out more of a pahh noise, this way you are opening your mouth more therefore getting more oxygen into your lungs.

  25. One good thing to do for MMA and kickboxing is to dance every morning. It sounds silly but it helps with foot work and balance. Always stay on the balls of your feet when your dancing. Plus you get good at dancing

  26. I train kickboxing and have got a very big problem with punches, sometimes my punches are too slow , and i just cant condition myself to make them faster……

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