Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Throwing a Jab in Boxing

Boxing Lessons for Beginners : Throwing a Jab in Boxing

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The jab is the most important punch in boxing,
it will help you in your defense it will help you in your offense. The jab will get your
opponent off his rhythm and at the same time it was set you up for your own combinations.
I’m going to show you how to properly throw the right jab, the correct jab, whether you’re
right or left handed. The correct jab. First off let me explain. For the jab, you’re
getting your stance, your comfort zone, your stance, the jab is going to come out and the
jab is the only jab where you don’t step or you don’t cork your body but it’s still
a body punch, and you still throw it with your body. So you’re going to extend out
from right here you’re going to extend out from right here it’s going to come out you’re
going to rotate and at the very end you’re going to do like a little cork screw action
where the thumb is going to be toward the grounds. The reason you do that is to snap
the power and snap through the target and at the same time your shoulder turns over
and you protect your chin. So that way if your opponent counter punches you you’re
always protected in the vulnerable places. So if you throw your jab, you turn it over,
you’re nicely protected there and you bring it back. And remember you don’t move your
body but you extend up with your shoulder and bring it right back, rotate it and bring
it right back. As you practice and develop your jab you’ll be able to throw a high
jab, a medium jab and a low jab, but that’s with practice right now let’s just get down
the jab. The jab, right here again, you’re just going to step, you’re going to snap
you’re not going to step. Snap. Turn it over and bring it back. Over, back. Over back.
Now to demonstrate it at full speed you always want to wear your gloves, these are light
back gloves, for mitts. And just to show you the nice demonstration on the jab, this is
how you do the jab and you notice I’m in my stance, I have my hands high to protect
me, and I’m going to release it from here and it’s going to go right back. So go.

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  1. Pro 21? I'm 21 and been pro for four years and accomplished amatuer boxer….check out my vid "rocky de express"
    What if ur opponent moves or is a runner? Ur gonna tell him to stop so u can jab him? You need to use your foot work body momentum to punch,hit hurt!

  2. Jab is not a punch to stop an out boxer, or any other type of a boxer, so I don't understand your point here.
    Jab needs to be fast (that's why Flyz is right about his lack of speed on the way back) to measuer the distance, counter/knock out of focus for a second, so I also don't understand why would you reccomend adding body movement to it, that would slow it down. A little of a step in would be good, but one needs a fast step back to use it in a fight… or good defense.

  3. THANKS FOR the tips. can you please give me some tips to counter a one two punch??? i hope you don't mind.. or better yet show me. post it.

  4. @GoodIVApollo
    If you are right handed then your stance is left leg forward and you jabing with your forward hand (left).
    Rear hand punch called cross .

  5. Listen boys and girls, the guy in the red shirt trained pacman. Also, Floyd was scared to fight the guy in the red shirt. Don't fucking lol. The shit is true. I wish I could upload the video of him training pacman. I forgot to mention after he trained pacman he lost the first fight to Erik Morales. Well anyway – he is a good trainer.

  6. If you lean forward like that when you jab your not going to be able to move when they counter… Your weight is going to be on your front foot.

  7. @skaterboyjer The main source of your power is your hips and core. If your weight isn't properly distributed when your throwing a punch at me I'm going to notice right away and take advantage.

  8. @Meckley23 Exactly It your hips and Core and back and shoulders its everything but Your weights on your front foot so when you twist your hips and back you turn your back foot to.

  9. When you're throwing your jab I see your hand is coming back slower than how fast you threw it out there, and your hand is dropping a bit.

  10. see i tryed explaining this to my dumb ass friends who said man if u turn ur hand like that ur gonna break ur wrist i said no u dont u land a better punch by snapping ur punch to land with more power and ur arms are protecting ur jaw they were like u exten out and straight u dont turn like that im just like ok mr and ms know it all u dont know shit

  11. @ayman1006 You are correct that it does not increase the power, the snaping action does but the twist protects the forearm and wrist on impact and reduces the chance of injury

  12. noone believes me they tell me ima break my hand turning ur jab over to snapp it im like i know what im talken about u dont so fuck u haha

  13. @User2308117 You don't need anybody to teach you how to jab, spend an hour throwing a jab at a practice target and I promise you will eventually throw it properly. The twist of the arm happens by itself because it feels the most natural when you stand in the correct stance and throw your punch. You saying you have never seen a boxer twist their wrist mid jab seems right but there is indeed a twist of the wrist from what i would consider to be near the end of the jab.

  14. @User2308117 I agree that he overtwists but that is to be expected from a DEMONSTRATION video. Also I think it is fair to say that twist of the arm and twist of the wrist can be used interchangeably because you can't twist your wrist, it is anatomically impossible. Just assume that twist of the wrist means twist of the arm and don't be such a detail nazi; everybody knows what is being talked about, no need to be a know-it-all.

  15. also he jumps when he jabs….like a bunny hahah dont do that i wont go good with a good transition to the right hand

  16. @SugarRayP4P i gess he means jab then step back then go in agin and he said its a combo move so yeah u might do a combo while your at it so i hope this helps u out

  17. When i was 8yrs old i joined boxing. i stopped doing boxing when i got to the 7th grade. In the middle of 7th grade year these group of black kids came to bully me. it was my first time getting bullied. One of them threw a punch at my face but it was a hook punch, so i didn't hurt me much. I put my hands up and put my back near a wall so they dont punch me behind. 1 short black kid charged at me and i through a straight jab to his face. he fell to the ground. The next kid tried to kick me.

  18. @BLUEICE542 But luckly i was in Karate when i was in 1st grade so i did a knee block and threw a power punch in the kids face. the police came and tackled me down. luckly i was near a camera so i did not get in trouble because i was using self defence. I recommend to join boxing for self defence. I taught those kids a lesson. Those kids got locked up and i never saw them again. BTW for the people who bully, watch out for the people u fight. They might know boxxing or martial arts.

  19. @SugarRayP4P jabbing is usually used to defend by stopping opponent from stepping in, or to measure distance between you and your opponent so you can throw appropriate punches. If you have seen any professional boxing matches, you never see an idiot who throws full-swing punches all the time because you will just get countered or your motion becomes to big and that would leave you defend-less. Step-in jab almost count as straight and only used when boxers are rushing…. So yeah.

  20. One thing people might misinterpret is that when you punch you do NOT immediately pull back. At least not until the power has been driven through. This can actually cause more injury to you than whoever/whatever you're hitting.

  21. lol hell no!!! it is a photo of the fight of muhammad ali with sonny liston!
    and ali is the one who still stand

  22. @TheMaster47x Your jab isn't suppose to be powerful, you just use it to hold the distance and power your enemy out… for the hard punches you use your power punch or a cross

  23. you have no clue to what you are talking about! try wining a boxing match without stepping into your jab! you must step into your jab, one, to be able to reach your Opponent. two, to have body weight behing your punch! study boxing a bit more before you post videos up and confuse beginners.

  24. That depends on an individuals style.A flick type jab works better for a speedy mobile fighter.A power jab works for a guy who drives forward.

  25. It is no good what he is telling every single punch in boxing you have step in or move/rotate your hips or body to get the power in the punch

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