Boxing Training – Double Hook

Boxing Training – Double Hook

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welcome back I’m coach rose and today let’s talk about throwing the double hook you can throw it in about any combination you want to to the head one of the body or into the head reverse so we’re going to go over a few of those today this is a very valuable punch to throw on the inside you can really do a lot of damage you can size your opponent up you can tell where he’s carrying his elbows okay so depending on where he’s at as far as the body shots concerned it’s where you’re gonna throw your hook to the body it might be in front of his elbow which is a little bit more of a liver shot or you might come around behind his elbow so let’s say that guy is carrying his elbow out wide like this so instead of coming around on the side I’m gonna come more in from this angle right here and then I’m gonna come back up and throw a normal hook to the head and keep in mind that liver shot it doesn’t have to be hard it just needs to be put in the right spot right here and then come back home normal so you just kind of bring it in it’s just a bit short and sweet just like that it doesn’t look like much it’ll take a guy to a knee pretty quick if you’re gonna double this up it comes right back up to the hip now if you have an opponent who’s carrying his elbow and tight like this now you see this opening over here so what you need to do is take a step over to create the right angle bring the hook in from the side and then back at the top that’s the double hook this is a combination you really want to work on perfect it you’ll do a lot of damage on the inside train hard and I’ll see you next time

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  1. only just found out about these videos and  its exactly what i was looking for, just a guy who knows his stuff without any of the macho 'im so tough and good at fighting ' bullshit, keep up the good work man.

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