Boxing Tutorial #1 – Boxing Stance & Footwork

Boxing Tutorial #1 – Boxing Stance & Footwork

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all right so the first thing to know about boxing it’s a boxing stance right it’s the most awkward position for your body to be in it takes a look on the most practice at the beginning of boxing to get this down because without it you can’t throw any punch you can’t defend yourself you can’t keep it balanced all right look you just look stupid so in order to look like a professional boxer you gotta master boxing stance ready alright so things you need to know about the Box stance is that you feel have to be shoulder width apart right no wider than your shoulder right shoulder to point this maximizes movement and balance the second important thing you want to turn your feet 45 degrees to it the opponent and also the other 55 degrees so don’t put it what that does is cuts your body in half so that you don’t give them the open side of your midsection to take apart all right next things you need to know right hand covers the right cheek elbow in left hand over the top Alwyn chin tuck down knees slightly bent and on the balls of your feet right so that’s basically the boxing stance some now common mistakes people make right first of all they open up the body right you never want to do the unboxing you slow down your punches you take power away from the punches right you give up a lot of your defensive posture so you never wanted to go right what happens most times is that people point the left towards yourself una now opens up the bodies to make sure it’s 45 degrees next thing people do is study to open their chest right acting like a stripper what’s showing up their chest thing about Apple you don’t want to do that give the guy your sugar levels all right hands up all right that’s not next time music will drop your hands and put a bitch in right poor defensive posture right hands up chin Sultan all right so that’s the boxing stance right there all right so once you’ve mastered that box and stance the next thing you need to know is how to move in the boxing stance all right it’s very simple the best way I could put it is that it’s a dance move eight steps all right so let’s try right so it’s pretty simple pretty basic all right three things you need to know when moving in the Box in the Box stance is that you never cross over your feet that’s number one number two you always return to the boxing stance after the movement all right and number three c-arm are you scared okay we gonna get the alright so number one on my bitchin right number one right number one never cost you defeat number two we always return to the box and stands right our number three and never become flat-footed right always on the balls of your feet because you gotta move that’s the best we avoid itself I’ll punch right just move away from you okay so basically if you go forward your left foot steps with if we go to the left your left foots a twist if you will so right your right foot substance and if you goes backwards your wife accessories alright so as I chose a dance move right five six seven eight one two three five six seven right I’m not going to do that again that’s embarrassing but now you get the idea of how you move into the boxes that’s right never cross through the feet always return to the same position and never become flat-footed so now I’m going to shake it up a bit show you a little bit of an advanced defensive move that you need some massive for boxing because our it’s a it’s the most used move in boxing for defense footwork footwork defense but it’s called a pivot so I’ll show you quickly alright so for a boxing pivot it’s pretty simple but it takes coordination of balance and technique right if you’re pivoting to the left you take this step with your left foot first are you swing off with your right right swing your hips right if you put it in to the right you take out the step with your right foot I drag the left right so the hips guys make sure you cut that angle properly all right so one more time bad right go to the right step right side left alright right to the left step left shuttle swim over your right right you master down move you’re going to avoid punches I bought you a pony China Russia etc etc right so that’s story valiant video number one on boxing stance and footwork now with movement remember usually that small steps and precise steps are better than large steps trying to run away right you want to keep calm in the ring all times right always relaxed so the next video will be on the job yeah that should be a little bit more exciting than this but this is fundamentals you gotta master this with always master this was all right so you remember WWE best boxing finish calm okay I guess that’s about it cut

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