Boxing’s Secret Superstar? – Zolani Tete | Highlights | BOXCASTER


He’s boxing’s best-kept secret. A
dominating southpaw based thousands of miles away from home and adopted
professionally after decimating a hometown hero. He now defends his new
home turf by laying waste to important challengers. Demonstrates it to this
point. He’s South african-born UK based WBO
Bantamweight champion Zolani Tete and he could be the most overlooked fighter
in the world. High praise but hardly unwarranted when
considering not only his body of work but his body of Steel. Consider this Tete’s
only three losses whereas a freakish five foot nine inch flyweight,
with two of those setbacks being Road decisions and the other a stoppage in
his first world title shot, he then tweaked his calorie count and
became virtually unstoppable at 115 pounds bursting onto the international
scene with a devastating world title defense on the road over local Liverpool
hero Paul Butler scoring a one punch KO that stands up to any seen in recent
memory on the heels of the butler annihilation
Frank Warren was so taken with Tete’s talent and winning personality that he
signed the South African to a promotional agreement becoming the only
foreign base fighter on the British promoters roster. After adding it another
carb to his diet Tete hasn’t skipped a beat as a bantamweight parlaying his
condor-like wing span, whistling hand speed, and crunching power this past
November in perhaps boxing’s viral moment of the year, claiming the IBF
118-lb world title in an 11-second utter destruction of South African
compatriot Siboniso Gonya, in what was the quickest world title fight in boxing
history, in a performance that thrusted Tete into any learned pound-for-pound
conversation. In the wake of the Gonya destruction, and a second conquered
division to his name, it’s time for the rest of the world to take note of Zolani Tete, who’s making a great case for being not only just one of boxing’s most
overlooked fighters but simply one of its best.

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