BTV: Introducing Ross McQuillan

BTV: Introducing Ross McQuillan

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welcome back to the club we’re all
seated a bit of training with us earlier this year but now you’re back is an
official lesson in player what’s it like to be here
it’s just Brighton to get out and hopefully get started soon and hit the
ground running so it’s it’s better than being at home training by yourself so we
should have people here and hopefully keen and all then we’ll be out soon so
meet up with them when did you first learn about Australian football and what
was it about the game that appealed to you first learned a bit of way and one
of my friends was actually asked to go try it with North Melbourne and then
kind of knew about it from then and would have watched a wee bit from the
international rules so what a what is known about it what would have been to
do and act on it but and what excite is just it’s such a quick pace game like
it’s quite sanitized at home and it’s very very similar so and that’s really
what you do is kind of the reduce of kick and I’m passing a lot of ramen but
you had you say much of Essen in Okinawa Canada before you arrived here I said a
wee bit of him obviously seen that the solo dummy so I’ve seen that and he’s
actually from close enough to where I’m from so a couple of people like older
people my friends would have known him and maybe talked about them and that
kind of stuff was only really when I got out here in April
I met him the first time so it was good to me now back home you were one of the
real up-and-coming stars of Gaelic football was it a tough decision to
leave that behind massively like no it is hard to leave home like whatever
you’re going so and your family and friends there and football too so there
are big patio life so it is quite difficult to leave especially like
plenty in your club that you feel like so harshly playing with
it’s always difficult to leave that kind of stuff behind but hopefully the
adventure here and you tested really well at the
combine over there and pressed quite a lot of clubs why did you make the
decision to come to a center suppose it’s professional squad
once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity we don’t get that back home obviously
it’s amateur so but the calm to have said it like this the hanger and like
it’s it’s unbelievable so it’s just kind of once a lifetime opportunity you got a
try grab with both hands close and have you been going getting to know the game
a bit more and what have you found quite challenging Townsend the shape of the
ball I suppose yes just a different shape of the ball really is a big
challenge because they obviously random use other patchy fog we’re here it’s
it’s very difficult to get the drop right and all that kind of stuff so it’s
fun it’s challenging you still getting used to it obviously but what do you
think it gonna be some of your real strengths on the field
it’s probably my speed would have been something that I would have would have
been scared for locked up or the aggression true there was maybe the
tackling end of it and that kind of stuff so and then hopefully kick ins
because that’s what will be used to back home so hopefully get ok you start and
maybe make a big partner then we mentioned carnival Connor McKenna before
he’s obviously here and you mentioned km McBride is just joining the club as well
as it nice to have them by sight yeah it’s great legs otherwise were joking
upstairs having Elias crew on the right now so it’s brilliant have somebody from
home able to experience something that they’ll also be going to was great to
have you here as well thanks to your time

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  1. I'll take an Irishman any day. As long as it's not an American that is tall and can jump high with absolutely zero football brain.

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