Business boost for Chester-le-Street | Cricket World Cup 2019

Business boost for Chester-le-Street | Cricket World Cup 2019

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It’s been great for the town having three
World Cup Cricket games here. It brings in loads of people who can then
spend money in the bars, and restaurants, and shops, and I think the longer-term impact
of an event like this is that you get all the world saying positive things about Chester-Le-Street.
I mean, its Durham hosting the cricket club, cricket in Chester-Le-Street. I mean, basically, has brought a lot of people
into Chester-Le-Street itself, you know, my business has been thriving it has been busy,
really, really busy. I just think it’s just being able to get
businesses in general on the map. So that customers from outside of Chester-Le-Street,
Durham and Newcastle, will know where we are and won’t think twice about not coming into
the town, and spending some time, and just seeing what a lovely little town it is
With the cricket event that we have got on here today does obviously boost us by fetching
a lot more people into the area. We have opened a little bit earlier than usual, just to try
to capture a little bit more business. But it is, it is going well, at the moment.
We heard, I think it was on Capital Radio, that Rhianna was going to be popping in for
a cheeky gin, but I don’t think she has as yet, and I don’t know if she is there
today as well still watching it. So, that will be good that she popped in obviously
hopefully we get a few more fans and stuff coming around if she popped in.
Since it’s been this World Cricket Cup in here, in Chester-Le-Street.
Which is very positive for us, for all of the businesses in Chester-Le-Street, and of
course it brings the extra customers, extra business, to all the local businesses and
it does, have affected lots for us, which makes everybody happy. You know there has been all kinds of fantastic
buzz around the town. Literally on, on Friday with the bees on the pitch and then Rhianna
here as well. So, all these things get people talking about
Chester Le Street, which is fantastic, because it means that people all over the world have
now heard about the town, and those who are visiting here have had a warm welcome for
sure and will go away and talk about the experience they have had. So, I am sure that over the
coming year there will be more and more people who will come and visit Chester-Le-Street
off the back of the success of the World Cup. It is important because it brings a lot of
different people from different countries, different cultures into Chester-Le-Street
town and into Chester-Le-Street itself. The County Council was really fortunate to
receive just over 100 tickets from the ICC for the Cricket World Cup and these tickets
were for community champions, people who had really played a part in their local community
who perhaps wouldn’t other wise access the World Cup.
The tickets had been distributed largely through the Area Action Partnerships and a lot of
those tickets went to projects we funded that we had rewarded this year at our ten year
as our Exemplar AP Projects. So, the tickets went to a range of different organisations
right across County Durham and it’s great that so many people were able to access the
excitement of the Cricket World Cup.

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