CAMILLE LOPEZ | Talking to Me ? ? ? | Team Orange Rugby #TeamOrange

CAMILLE LOPEZ | Talking to Me ? ? ? | Team Orange Rugby #TeamOrange

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He’s the most dangerous Lopez in Auvergne. Franck Azéma in La Montagne. Not talking to me, I don’t think my main manager would say that even if he could have as a joke! It hurts, I saw it in his eyes, it hurts, you can’t even imagine. Morgan Parra, La Montagne That’s talking to me. It was after I got injured one year ago. Christophe Maé, yeah it hurts that’s it. He used similar words so yeah, I got it wrong! Everyone acknowledges that he’s the best fly-half in France Jacques Brunel, 2018. Yeah, that’s Talking to me. It appeared recently, and I received many screenshots about it! “I dream of shooting “En Terre inconnue” with him, he’s family” Frederic Lopez That’s not Talking to Me at all. It would be…No! I’m not at that level yet. And Fréderic Lopez is not from my family. At all. 4 or 5 years ago, after the games, he was going to McDonald’s. He learned how to control himself. Jean Marc Lhermet. I don’t think it’s Talking to Me. Not sure at all, no memories at all but I don’t think so. Ah, it was about André Pierre Gignac. Not very nice. To me he has the best left foot in the country with Griezmann. Not talking to me but I’d have loved it since it is a beautiful comparison.

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