Can You Pass This World Cup Special Cricket Test? | Ft. Josh & Pavitra | Ok Tested

Can You Pass This World Cup Special Cricket Test? | Ft. Josh & Pavitra | Ok Tested

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This quiz is about the Cricket World Cup… and cricket is our country’s religion, our karma & it is closer
to everyone’s heart. I’m really happy that you are going
to ask questions about cricket. Do I play cricket?
I don’t play cricket as much anymore. I sucked at it, so I stopped playing. That one kid who they’d send to take the ball
out of the ditches… I’m a huge fan of gully cricket. If you ask me, I’ll setup the wickets and play right here on this chair. The first rule of gully cricket is one tip, one hand is out. I mean if you hit the window… you get the window. There are more rules, like the kid who owns the bat wouldn’t be out until you knock him out thrice. Who owns the cricket world cup? The last world cup, Australia won in 2015. Hopefully in 2019, India plays well and wins. This time, our boys will score the six and
make the sweat flying!Because of Dhoni. It’s his last world cup. That’s the biggest news about this world cup. F**king Kim Jong Ill’s…
Kim Jong Un’s father… straight up loved cricket. It’s a little known fact. In olden times, there were not as many facilities so… Where else would they host the world cup?
I mean, not South Africa, not India. North Korea. It should be England. England, considering
their forefathers created this game. England. UK, England. Coincidently, 2019 world cup is in England as well. But you know what’s the saddest thing? That England has never won a cricket world cup. Nothing can be sadder than this. Um.. It should either be Australia or England. Zimbabwe definitely didn’t.
But West Indies has won too. Australia has won the most number of world cups… without a doubt. Australia. Uhh…Australia, probably? I mean, what do I know? Australia? My answer is Australia. Nobody’s won more than them and hopefully they don’t win this time. Ba***rd. Again they’ll win this world cup also.
I don’t know how. Yeah, the boys in yellow.
They call them that? Hmm, who’s done that? Sachin or Ganguly… It’s that West Indies guy, right?
I think. Sachin’s played the maximum number of World Cups.
Therefore, he has the maximum number of runs. It’s Sachin for us, bro. Even if I’m wrong,
everyone’s still with me on this. Sachin Tendulkar. I’ll go for Steve. My boy, Stevie. Sachin Tendulkar. I’ll go with Sachin, and pray.
It’s like the Indian team in the 90s. I don’t know man there’s something about guys with curly hair. I just can’t remember their names until it’s too late. When he claimed, how much insurance money did he receive, bro? Yaar… Either Glenn McGraw, Muttiah Muralitharan,
or Wasim Akram. I think it should be an Australian. I mean they’ve won 5.
They must’ve bold out everyone multiple times. I’ll go with Malinga. Okay, I’ll go with Bret Lee. Hope that pretty face saves me. Muralitharan has claimed
the maximum number of wickets. Glenn McGraw. Glenn McGraw. Glenn McGraw!! S**T!! Cool. Most centuries would be… Is it an Indian guy? First answer that comes to mind is Sachin.
But I know that’s not the answer. You guys wouldn’t make it that easy.
I think it has to be either Ricky Ponting or Sachin Tendulkar only. Dravid? No, not Dravid. Sachin, my boy. He’ll look the same for 50 years. The most centuries…I’ll go with
Sachin Tendulkar again. Vivian Richards. I’ll go with Ricky Ponting. Since I’ve already answered Sachin Tendulkar, so it won’t be the answer to another question.Let’s go with Ricky Ponting. Yeah, you know, it’s like I don’t hit a six.
I just keep hitting singles. I’m actually shocked to know that Sachin has the most number of centuries in the world cup… because I’ve seen him getting
out at 98, 99s so many times. F**k I remember the 2003 World Cup. He kept hitting 50. Got 80, 90 but no centuries, nothing. I know he’s scored 3 centuries in a single world cup. Still didn’t win, though. What can you do? WHAT IS THIS?
It’s so much pressure. S**t, this is going to be another fluke. New Zealand never won. England never won. Who’s the youngest? C’mon, give me a hint. The youngest captain to lift the trophy is
Ricky Ponting. Kapil Dev, man. I don’t remember anyone who won the thing, bro. I don’t remember the names. Okay, let’s just say Sachin Tendulkar. Let’s go with Ricky Ponting. Kapil Dev. WHAT? 24 years, man. At this age, my mom doesn’t even let me pick up the milk pot, saying I’ll spill it somehow. Meanwhile, this guy’s lifting the world cup? Nazi Germany
The Buffalo goes into the water. I don’t even wanna play.West Indies. West Indies. I’ll say England. I’ll go with England, brah. Sup? These English, took everything. Dude, my heart’s saying “West Indies”, but my mind’s saying “Just go home and sleep.” The mind doesn’t care about the quiz. I knew West Indies would be somewhere in this thing, man cuz they’ve always done some s**t, bro. I still did better than few other quizzes where I was like super-confident like “I must know this.” and then I was like “( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) ” Started off well, then I made these stupid mistakes.
F**king Ricky Ponting, that ba*&^%d. Twice, he screwed me over. I didn’t have a bit of fun, but
uhhh part of the job is doing things you hate. I’m really happy I made my gully cricket friends proud.
I made my bat proud, with which I don’t play anymore. I think I’ll be this happy again when India will win the world cup. So if you enjoyed this video, LIKE it and we’ll catch it… strike hatrick in the COMMENTS… SHARE this video so much that it’ll reach from you to your friend’s stadium… and SUBSCRIBE TO… He’s saying “OK Tested!” That’s the lamest. I didn’t even make the sound. ah…there it is.

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