Casey Powell 18 – Lacrosse Video Game – Gameplay

Casey Powell 18 – Lacrosse Video Game – Gameplay

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What’s up guys today, we’re gonna play a little Casey powell lacrosse 18 alright here we go I’m gonna try and record it on my ps4 and record this little bit with my camera here it’s hot today so I have a fan on but my mic is here I don’t know if the fan is blowing on the mic Actually, I can see the little hairs moving on the dead cat so Maybe the dead cat will do its job. Alright, so we’re gonna go casual game and play college And I created my team created the red star bears, and I put all of my players from our high school team on it There’s our our away jersey Here’s our home jersey. I think I’ll go with that. We’re gonna play someone Hopefully with colors that… Hopefully we’re gonna. We’re gonna find a team with complementary colors that look good together This one’s good, all right, let’s do it What are they called? The climbers? Alright, so I played a few games already and It’s fun. It’s an improvement over Casey Powell 16 the controls are better the the feel of the game is better, it’s fun Which some sports games as they try to get it more and more realistic the fun kind of drops off. This is still fun Couple improvements the faceoffs have been improved. They’re easier to do you just jam the sticks in a certain direction the same direction each stick Whichever way you want to win it the sprint button actually Lets you sprint that’s nice There’s a bunch of dodges. I don’t do a lot of dodges and mostly just sprint My whole…Gameplay/coaching philosophy is moving the ball fast Finding the open man sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t Alright here we go Let’s hear from Eamon. “I’m Eamon McAnaney, hello and welcome… “Nothing but clear skies for players and fans alike here.” That is a big crowd. Oh look at that team These guys look good. Those are some nice uniforms the uniform creation is fun. The player creation is fun… …but it’s a pain if you want to do a whole team it takes quite a while to do every player on your team But it’s also fun.The problem is the roster management So I have everyone set, see right there you see Jason Eide with a long pole and Jackson Thomas facing off I did not set him as a face off guy. But the computer kinda does what it wants with your roster. I think there’s a way to probably like, lock it in, who plays where. Oh no, failed clear! Nice groundball Orion, now let’s move the ball. So it makes some weird decisions on your roster if you do this. Crease. The other team goes in the crease all the time. Here’s my clear that I run every time And it works, I would say 99 times out of 100. I don’t know if you have to touch box or not Ooh you should have shot right there. Connor Beasley…shot. There you go. All right. Nice goal Connor Beasley, let’s go Orion, you just got wrecked… I think we should get the team together Come up with the fund for a gym membership because we need a little weight room action Here we go Orion, Let’s fix it Oh, down low come topside Burry it That was in! So Jack McCollam is a close defender playing attack Shook! Mostly I poke check But when Im trailing a guy I should use a wrap check With the shot right there That’s not what I wanted to do, shoot from the alley, but that’s Jackson Thomas’s gameplan it’s his style of play. He likes the alley dodge and shot . So, I was curious if maybe video game Jackson was good at it, too, but he wasn’t Real life Jackson is good at it. Don’t switch players Oh gosh! Wow no slide Watch, Buckley just whiffed on the guy, and everyone else just watched him shoot Here comes Jason Eide from the wing with pole, and he’s an attack man What what do you expect? Let’s get some close defenders playing close to Defense Go Riley you got rekt. …weight room Another thing that I’ve noticed is that you can ride like a wizard I had like a …time moves fast in this game with minute long penalties just go by in a blink of an eye but, there is no failure to advance call I don’t think because I held a team clearing 40 seconds probably Good take Alright there ya go Marcus Got a run got a loose ball Stick check in the attacking zone, and the offense has broken down With the shot Webster It’s one off alright resumed Back to the faceoff X again for another big possession Wins the faceoff Olivia Okay compare it to shoot Save upstate having a part of that transition opportunity now. He’s having a great game and goals today Red Bull Hard to keep the pressure on with plays like that ground ball climbers bolt Receives the ball climbers ball packages Muddied with a timely gold the home team hits the lead So this game still pronounces my name correctly which is awesome. It was in the last game and I guess they used the same database and probably just added a bunch of names to it but My name doesn’t puff and get pronounced correctly sir Swimming Here the pass goes red bull watch works for kid Let’s get that pull out of Jason dice hand and put in that attack I Developed I recreated his character as an attack It’s I know I’ve got Jack McAuliffe guy. It could be better take Viktor him gets in its burn Oh there you go Jason your Father live but even better treatments Oh It’s to background countdown 5 4 3 even if it was like the fans or your bench counting down something I don’t know try With the chance this shot is off target I Don’t really know where I am up the field when I’m behind because it zooms in 10 sees the past, let’s get a new stick Not a good shot and straight to the keeper That is an easy clear Nigga does That was nice, but going back today Thirteen here we go Jackson kick Friend Here’s a tape save Emmitsburg get a chance man Good ball movement. It’s like we’re running a little bit of a wheel player right there All right you guys, let’s see oh they’re gonna give this to you Step off stuff up To x61 salad Ron biddies Opportunity we got it was leftover on my roster her got on my roster 20 Enough with the turnovers Hey, I got two 22s on a field right there, I’m pretty sure that’s the procedure 22 Looks to bury we can’t buy a goal and I bought this game I like the idea who’s open second Rook steps and clear Come on sidelines give me a countdown defense All right – two High-scoring affair well not so much to separate these two teams so far in terms of possession from the faceoff no Significant difference in win percentages there. We are set to resume its tool Thomas straight to the keeper Alice they keep shooting nice catching. She’s catching what a game. He’s in take that anything To whoever that guy is Oh Sir that was Dean Dean Let’s go Play resumes hitman 222 Sharon’s left, New York stadium Salmon wins the salmon climbers bother fish get the salmon he’s a fish there we go give it back to savage Sea bass oh Yeah, just stepped in the creations with the mistake watch my clear every time I’m shakin team that would clearly like that every single time automatically go get to the cage With that shot But the Escapes too close and too late to be thrown the ball, and we possess From wow it’s a good shot Not much separates these two teams so three three possession at the X face officer Cinches it and the home team go straight on attack looks to shoot it tasted like it There you go So I don’t know why he never plays close defense because I set him up this and attack them, too These guys can tell you what Jackson to play no the team on Orion and shape Basin are common There we go that’s on this ball now gently touch up Let’s just keep it hot Oh Let’s not feed the crease though Oh, Jackson, I’m Reverend The ref was well positioned to see it and made the call blue ball The possible reprieve here the pass goes wide climber’s ball Still 33 seconds left left right here Why are we not Lemann up they? Would be not just like everybody Jake just hang on there Tried to hit sprint Go bears look at those gloves the gloves have little red stars All right, so it’s fun game guys If you haven’t gotten it or if you haven’t played it. I would pick it up or get a friend to buy it It’s fun to play with friends, and you play online. I’ve done that yeah I’m not good at it, so I usually don’t do that stuff But it’s way deeper than the last one so there’s a lot more you can do Like see what’s going off my buster All right, yes, anyway. I’m gonna go find T. My roster. See if I can lock people into their appropriate positions It seems like some people are Hey alright guys, thanks for watching. I’ll see you next video

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  1. Hi redstarlax, I’m a wing attackman. I don’t do much one handed cradling and I like to have a stiff head. The past couple years I used a centrik. Should I get a mark 2a or 2v?

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