Chester Williams: from racism to the Rugby World Cup final | The Economist

Chester Williams: from racism to the Rugby World Cup final | The Economist

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We always had in the back of our mind as a team… …we’re playing for the country, we’re playing for Nelson Mandela This is what I was wearing on the day Nelson Mandela, like 20 minutes before the Rugby World Cup final started… …Nelson Mandela walked into the changing room as a big surprise for us… …and the changing room went dead quiet, you could hear a pin drop And with a huge smile on his face he said to the team… …“Hello my fellow South Africans I’m here to support you… …and I want you to know that I’m your biggest supporter today… …and the whole of South Africa stands behind you” And then he walked around and shook everybody’s hand… …as to say congratulations and good luck for the game Francois Pienaar stood up and he said to the team that… …“Enough said, Nelson Mandela was in our changing room… …let’s go out there and make Madiba proud” And you know what the rest is history, we won the Rugby World Cup Being a rugby player as a so-called black or coloured player in South Africa… …was challenging times because of apartheid you know… …you were not allowed, for instance we’d go and play but then… …you sometimes have to change on the bus… …because I mean, you were not allowed to go and change… …the after-match functions, you would go straight on the bus and go home… …because often the after-match function was only for whites You know you wanted to compete and you wanted to prove to everyone… …that actually, that we as black people can also play rugby… …and be the best in that sport You have to prove every single time why you need to be in the team Rugby will always have the power to unite people… …and to bring people together Everybody forget about the politics… …what they have at home, what they don’t have at home They think about the Springboks, the Springboks rugby… …the Springboks can just be happy and socialise And that is what rugby brings to South Africans

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  1. Next video: standing up to the slaughter of white farmers in South Africa
    FARMLANDS documentary trailer:

  2. Black, corrupt and tribes-driven ANC wrecked the South Africa. Black Africans are culturally inept to run a country! They ALWAYS fuck it up and then blame it on colonialism. Name one single African country properly managed: It does not exist. Let the white South Africans get back into power!

  3. Standing up to racism? Does this also include the ongoing genocide directed against white COLORED people in South Africa? Eh?

  4. Only White People's racism is talked about

    Other people's Racism is never talked about it

    We need a Forensic Investigation into WHY this is

  5. Understand this is not to do with making "white people feel guilty" it is just shinning a light on history that still has knock on effects to this day.

  6. Triumph over oppression is wonderful. It's too bad that later generations often insist on repeating the bad parts of history.

  7. I am horrified human beings have to face so much hardships and adversity. May God shine the brightest lights on to thee🇺🇸📖💎😎

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