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Choosing a Training Focus | Table Tennis | PingSkills

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Hi, I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills. Kristian
has asked us a question about how he should choose his focus for his training session. Kristian, the first step is to analyse your
game. Start to work out firstly what you win points with and also what you lose points
with. By starting to do that then you can start to analyse what you’re going to practise.
Your focus might be that you want to improve your weaknesses. It might be that you’re weak
at pushing the ball short. So then your focus needs to be around those weaknesses. However
don’t neglect your strengths. Think also about what you are good at, what wins you points
and then you need to tailor your training around that as well. Now it’s important just
to think about your training as a yearly plan perhaps, or a plan leading into something
that you want to perform well at. It might be a tournament next year. So what you need
to think about is how am I going to build up to play well at that tournament. Now I
might do some more consistency type of work but as I get closer to that important tournament
I would focus more on my strengths and around the third ball type of drills. So think about
your whole plan, and then you can break that up into little segments working on the particular
time of the year that you need to plan for. On the site we have a 52 week training plan
already set out for you. As part of our premium membership you can access the 52 week training
plan which is broken up into different segments. We break them up into four week plans each
focusing on a different area of focus. So to start off with we work on consistency,
some other topic areas are footwork, serving, return of serve, placement, and there are
a lot more. Our last block is focused on your tournament preparation so that is the block
where we really start to hone in on things like your third ball and focusing on your
strengths in particular to play that tournament.

8 thoughts on “Choosing a Training Focus | Table Tennis | PingSkills”

  1. hi Alois,
    You have mentioned in a few of your previous videos that your forehand from the backhand corner is much stronger than from your forehand corner. Why is this so ? Could you please explain how exactly a forehand is played from the backhand corner ?
    I've seen Jeff alternating seamlessly between these two types of forehands in the video "forehand topspin against backspin".(He plays forehands to both sides from the middle). Could you please explain where the foot needs to be planted and at what part of the stroke the ball needs to be contacted , to get the ball cross court from the forehand corner ?

  2. Honestly my weakness is aiming the ball inside the net because sometimes my ball goes out of the sides.

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