Como escolher o seu Jet Ski? Quais modelos existem?

Como escolher o seu Jet Ski? Quais modelos existem?

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Hey Guys, welcome to another
Jet Lounge Channel Episode I’m João Kairalla.
I am Janu Gagliardi and we will bring a series of nine tips for you So welcome to Jet Tips
is our new board that will speak a lot about tips all the things you
need to ride with your jet safe and quiet way Well as most know
Formerly we had jets that had less autonomy than the two-stroke jets and today this new generation came to change that are the four jets
times that go much further with more comfort and better navigation and for this
we will introduce you all categories of jet and the first
of them is you must have heard of those smaller Jets that is the jet Spark
Spark model from Seadoo And the Yamaha Ex model smaller issuance have less
autonomy but much more than those jets from before you know,
the two times that they are already, it rides very improved and has little luggage space
those gestures that they use by boat or destined to enjoy
we do not recommend that you make a very long drive and as we did not
there are these models here Janu is sitting in a Seadoo Spark to represent to you how that model is please Janu It’s imaginary right? But… is a Jet that goes from 35 to 50 thousand on average So we’ll move on to the next one.
category which are the category of VX and GTI and now we have the “recreational jets”
right janu Is that what you say?
That’s it Recreational It’s the recreation Jets so they’re already bigger
can take three people is a jet to three places the pilot and two more
passengers are already a jet can take the family and is also a jet that
already provides a trip for long distances, you can do what we
already here in our channel, leave here from the Jet Lounge and even ilhabela, who are more or
less two and a half hours three hours travel and already has a range for this
walking lightly these models they are already much more
complete in relation to what most of people think, they have onboard computer, they have eco driving mode sport turing, they have regulation in the bank
some of them their motors here people already have two options, which is the motor
Aspirate that is the normal engine it comes naturally aspirated or over
that is the supercharger, which are the engines that have much more uprooted
There is more, and there is much more. sport and we have the
values ​​from 48 to 80 thousand And Janu is here because he has a question about these Jets and we’ll talk right now Janu It’s so I really felt a lot.
difference when we were navigating to ilhabela in that episode
that we showed on the channel because we changed planes and their navigation is very different. It seems one is taller another is a little lower.
Why would it be? By the hull, angle of entry, what would it be? Yes, we have Seadoo he is
a traditional Jet for having the most angular hull in V The more V the angle of this hull, the more it cuts water consequently you will feel a
little tendency to fall to a side or to the other but this is a matter
minimum of command of the jet because the The weakest accelerator there is 90hp
the next one is already 130 hp and that changes in the navigation. the Yamaha it already has a hull
a little more different. It navigates this way differently, some of them have the handlebar control usually it is not love you have the handlebars
highest riding position is different from Seadoo, one of them
comfort and other brings more navigation Let’s go to the next category that’s cool?
Come on, I want to see the next one? And back here, we have a very interesting category, my favorite being the GTX FX categories, RXTX
here we have the most we can have in a Jet One of them meant more for the luxury has a depth gauge, you can
be aware of how deep you are. this is sensational, onboard computers,
steering mode and handlebar adjustment some of them are positioned with the
lowest center of gravity This one from here for example comes with the bluetooth sound, it is an excellent Sound Water proof sound and all, very cool.
This is a model that we’ve been walking I already tested it.
So you switch on your phone for bluetooth on it and at maximum acceleration you can hear a clear sound They have a cell phone charger so they are very complete outside space
of luggage that model, for example, it has a
the touch screen panel that looks like a a smartphone we did the test that
you can see in this model then so has the luxury sports I have to
everything here is the preferred category of all So we have a model that starts
from 75 thousand to one supercharger that is the maximum, model that has everything literally everything it goes up to 110 thousand reais and we have a model
very interesting, we brought the model plus top of them for you to see,
which is the model for sports in tow It could be a wake, it could be a board.
of surfing that is however they are very complete too
This is the WakePro model. we can see that Janu is already
prepared to go to the water there is a very large luggage space they have.
It has a board holder on the side for you no need to stay on the deck.
Behind it has the support for a tower where you can make mooring for the sport
trailer and he also has this is the model in case it is a supercharger model and he
has another model also that is called Wake. This is Wakepro. But
call Wake that is at 155 hps which is the aspirated model
these Jets between used and new you will find between 68 and 85 thousand more or
less like a zero like this And remembering that we have in this same hull, in the case of this hull is the ST3 that is the biggest hangman that has the category, the brand Seadoo “correction” and we have a model that is what Janu likes is the favorite Janu who is Seadoo Fish Pro For the fishermen on duty is a jet at around 89 thousand reais. it comes complete it comes with the cooler behind, comes with a
door, it comes with a sensational FIsh Finder, that’s it.
With a screen about that size so you have is all the parameters of
his seat is flat so that the fisherman can walk through is not that
cruiser seat then he walks and has the foot support
on the side ie it is complete and beyond the more it has an extended platform
then this platform does when jet stand on scrambled water
balance the jet in a more comfortable and we go to the model
performance now we have a category that is
very disputed the performance category We took two models here to
You can understand this is yamaha. gp and 1800 and here is this wonderful green
This flashy color Janu? Or not? It looks like a Christmas tree !!!
we have rxtx 300 rs This is the category that all
factories deliver the ultimate in performance everything in performance since
your design to the design the way the pilot is going to do
curve the hydrodynamics involved and the engineering is dispensed with everything
performance models is a jet is a category for those who do not care so much
with autonomy so sure they are drunkards
but the pleasure is intense in this category
You have people who walk 70 miles here. then accelerating from 0 to 60mph in two
seconds and a half, three seconds is a lot of power and you also have to
still the option to do the preparation are the stages 1 2 and 3
so you can still take them to the competition here we have the most they can do! Say Janu This is where we are talking about practically a
jet already for the professional is not it? This is a personal who already have some experience, it is clear that if you already want to buy a Jet this is available. However, we indicate that
you already have a little knowledge so that you do not have to
no type of accident because this is a jet that has here in the case 300 hp right?
they are Jets that reach almost 80mph So you fall into the water in a
speed can be quite complicated. It hurts! Because I already fell in
competition at a high speed and looks I’ll tell you, we’ll see you once, twice,
three times, up to 4 !!! A friend of ours already turned and hurt.
Remembering that in Seadoo, we have a model too rxp for two seats, but all have the
their characteristic. Ideally, you check the manufacturer’s website, right Janu?
there is all the information but it’s like this 300 hp galley on a hull looks the size
So you can understand what is going on. this from here. It’s my favorite too,
obvious right? This jet around 89 more or less We have these 89k models
up to 110 thousand reais This one too?
This is around 98
close to 100 thousand reais and then we have the next one too.
category that is the standing model we do not have here unfortunately but it is a jet model, that he is very different from his piloting. Have you had the opportunity to walk? Not yet! I think people have to take this test!
Let’s take the test, let’s put the Janu I already competed in this category. It is a much smaller jet that demands much more balance it’s personal
I’ve seen people talking “ah looks like a motorcycle” No, it has nothing to do with anything then.
begins that his arm is soft he is released so he walks along with the
your body as you go up lower to positioning there is a leg work and
balance in this jet these are all categories right? I hope you have enjoyed this episode
We tried to balance the knowledge of most
jets and the main Jets of the market in your categories
That is it Janu, this episode is just to clarify the categories ok Guys?
It has many more models you can see on the manufacturers website
you have all the specifications but the tip we can give is the following
have your goal first before price anything if you want
performance search for a Jet performance, either a
Jet that has autonomy, look for another Jet has all the specs okay?
Unfortunately we stay here, right? and if you want to know a little
more on each jet stay connected in Jet Test We are going to speak specifically
of each of those Jet to you where I put everything in the water of that
The way you’ve seen the people thanks this is a video that generates many comments is not Janu? It’s true, a lot of doubt from the galley
And do not forget to let your like turn on the bell so you always get our videos. That’s it guys, unfortunately we stay around.
But we’ll come back with more next week!
that’s it

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