Como fazer GOL OLÍMPICO no Dream League Soccer 2019


Hi everyone, I’m Willian Silva.
and you are on my channel Before the video starts I will not
teach a method of making Olympic goals, or some magic that will make you do it, because if it was easy everyone was
teaching and making a goal behind the other like that. but I’ll give you some tips for that
if you want to do the Olympic goal you have to follow. Not that it is impossible to make this type of goal I’ve already done 5 myself but I’ve tried over 100 times. People often ball passes through the easy keeper but it ends up on the goal line the defender or the own player
of his team ends up taking the goal. Come on, I’ll give you the tips. First you must get type players
Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi or even Neymar and increase all of them in the 100,
so that the kicks are perfect it is easier and also because
they will be the ones I used the most. If you do not have the money to raise them all has a tutorial on the channel that teaches how to
start a team in the game with infinite money. I will leave at the end in the video the tutorial. Good people try to collect the corner well closed, not too closed because of the curve
which the ball will make into the goal, and they have to be a high ball to pass the goalkeeper, then you should fill 80 to 90% of the force bar, and you can choose to kick
button or with the crossover button, There will be no problem
which one is easier for you. Another tip is to watch the goalkeeper,
goalkeepers who have their skills at 60 to 70, tend to be slower then
it’s a lot easier to score. I hope these tips help you
to make several Olympic goals and if you do send me to post on the channel. If you think the video
helped you in any way I hope you count on your enjoyment of the video, now if you like my
content sign up for the channel that soon has new video Thank you for watching.
Until the next video, God be with you.

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